Faux News, come on down!

Now you guys are just doing this on purpose.
Fox Chyron

I don’t know why you expect the technical staff to be more informed/intelligent than the hosts.

Is there any evidence that CNN or MSNBC also regularly fucks up party designations when Democrats do something naughty?

Interesting that it’s always R to D, when someone misbehaves. Never R to, say, T, or someone innocuous, like Arnie, or Governor Douglas of Vermont, or former Rep. Tom Davis of VA. I guess it’s just a stunning coincidence.

If there were, don’t you think Hannity, O’Reilly, & co. would’ve made a week-long special on it by now?

All I’ve got is that, during the early 2008 campaign, when Bill Richardson was still in the running, C-SPAN (of all networks!) identified him as the Democratic (correct) governor of Mexico (er, not so correct).

The “D” stands for “dumb-ass”.

Oh, I know. I was joking. This shit’s obviously done on purpose. Although maybe they have some kind of program that automatically includes a “(D)” after a name when it’s a scandalous story.

For all I know, they have. Not that this would prove the event actually happened.

I ask only because this is just so silly, if intentional. Even granting the premise that Fox News sits around plotting how to actively paint Democrats as evil–not that far-fetched, I recognize–it is hard to envision some intern sitting in the meeting room and saying, “I know! Whenever a politician commits adultery, we’ll say he’s a Democrat on the chyron!” And the rest of the execs were like, “Brilliant! This tactic is sure to work! Promote that intern!”

Is the idea that they do it because it is insignificant and they won’t catch much heat for it? Or is the idea that whoever types the chyron is just super-biased and assumes any misbehaving politician is a Democrat? I just don’t get it.

Natural mistake. They assumed that since he had an afair with a woman that he was a democrat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice going. Any minute now, we’re going to see one of the Usual Suspects* come in with :smiley: :smiley: 's and “welcoming you to the fold” and high-fiving each other and making plans for what they’re going to heat up in their toaster ovens.

*the Bad Guy Usual Suspects, not the liberals; I just don’t like typing their names in, just in case they make vanity searches

What I’d love to know is if this was the decision of one person or if it came down the chain of command. I’d love to see the paper trail for this.

It’s programming for their target audience - people who already believe that any sleazy operator must naturally be a Librul Demoncrat. All this does is reinforce it.


I’m really torn on this one. On the one hand, it screams “dumb mistake”, because it would only work on somebody so ignorant, they don’t know the difference, so what’s the point? On the other hand, it has happened too often for coincidence to be convincing. I mean, you think to yourself they can’t a) be that stupid or b) think their audience is.

Then I watch five minutes of Glenn Beck and think they’re all a bunch of baboons who’s brains are fried on meth.

A huge number of people that I know in S.C. get their news from Fox, and only Fox,and believe it without reservation. I want to know if they all now believe that their own governor suddenly switched parties within the past four days.

Of course! Lured to Argentina by a neo-Nazi slut (“You want to see Hitler’s brain, Mark?”…), subjected to evil lesbian stewardesses dressed as candy-stripers who…

I think I need to take a break here. I’ll be in my bunker…

ummm, purely for “research” (yes, thats the ticket) research purposes, where in Argentina are these evil lesbian, etc that you speak of?

Since the story identifies “other media outlets” including the AP and noted right-wing apologists CNN as making the same sort of misidentification of Republican sleazes as Democrats, this is obviously a wide-ranging conspiracy by the Corporate Media.

Flee, flee to Canada while there is yet time!!!

Like South Carolina would elect a Democrat.

Maybe it’s because he had an Argentinian woman as a friend instead of a servant.

I must have missed that. Cite/quote?