Has Greece Banned Video Games?

Apparently Greece has banned all electronic games. This has been done because the police could not tell the difference between gambling computer games and regular computer games so they are all banned.

This news has not been picked up by many people. MSNBC has the story from CNET which is the link I have below. I have done searching on BBC news website, LA times, abcnews, cnn and they are not carrying the news.

My question is: Has CNET been scammed or did Greece really ban games?


No, it’s for real.


Allow me to give you a link to http://www.alltheweb.com/ which is good for finding breaking wire service news (click on “news”)

If so MSNBC has been scammed too. I did several searches on CNN and couldn’ t find it. The only mention on Snopes is in the message board just repeatiung the news reports.

What’s the debate?

Already under discussion here and here.

Zev Steinhardt


I think you will find that the MSNBC article is on MSNBC through an agreement with cnet so it is the same article. As for what the debate is. It is how can someone as smart and good looking as me post to the wrong forum and does it mean the terrorists have already won?

And to think, Plato and Aristotle and Socrates came from that little mediterranean island, too. Boy, have they let that place slide downhill in the last 2500 years!


Aristotle was born in Stagiros and lived in Athens. Plato and Socrates were native Athenians. Both Athens and Stagiros are on the mainland of Greece.

Unless side effects of Doom broke them loose?

If I recall, Socrates was executed for corrupting the youth by making them think. I’d say they’re following old traditions.

I thought he’d corrupted the youth in different ways?