Has Jonathan Edward (Psychic) heard from John Paul II?

Now that JPII has been dead for a while…have any self-proclaimed psychics had any words with him?
I wonder if the former pope has any advice for his sucessor-or any reports from the great beyond.
Anybody know?

Well, I’m going to say no. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if one of them claimed to hear from JP2, but I highly doubt that any of them actually have. :slight_smile:

A google search on “psychic contact pope john paul” turns up nothing (relevant).

ralph. This one is more appropriate for MPSIMS. So I moved it for you.

If I were JP2 (or some other famous celeb) I would fake my own death just so I could pop back into public view a few years later and debunk all the baloney hucksters that claimed to be channeling me.