Has Mandy Patinkin ever completed a TV show?

I love him, and it bugs the shit outta me that he bails on everything he does! Chicago Hope, Dead Like Me, Criminal Minds…it’s getting strange.


Maybe he’s got Sarah Palin disease?

I didn’t really like him on Criminal Minds. Seemed too… intense.

I only saw some of Criminal Minds and it looked like he bailed just as the show started to turn stupid. I haven’t seen the others, but if that’s been his criteria for those as well, I can’t say that I’d blame him for any ill doing.

He didn’t bail out of “Dead Like Me.” The show had already been canceled when they decided to make the movie.

Doesn’t he do a lot of theatre work as well?

Perhaps he does TV work to pay the bills until the next interesting/compelling part comes along on the stage.

Idle speculation, mind you.

Dude hates boredom and is paid well enough while he does work that he still has money after he bugs out. Well, that work and what he makes in a limited engagement onstage. Producers seem to know that by now and, since he’s no star critical to the success of a show, he’s likely to have many opportunities to pursue his stage career because he’s TV poison.

And it was a shitty, pointless movie, so kind of a good move on his part.


People have their reasons, there are two sides to every story, yadda yadda, but if this is a fair portrayal of the way he left Criminal Minds (and dude has had plenty of time to set the record straight), he should never work in television again.

I don’t miss Mandy Patinkin on Criminal Minds. They replaced him with Joe Mantegna, which is awesome. It’s like the BAU is being run by Fat Tony!

Shooting a television show is pretty rough, physically and mentally, so his health problems may play into his career choices. He had two corneal transplants in the mid-'90s, after he left Chicago Hope, and was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer in 2004, around the same time Criminal Minds started shooting. Doesn’t mean he’s not a jerk, but it’s something to consider.

I’ve talked to the wrong sort of people, and I enjoy Joe because of how he plays someone who Mom would direct as Not a Mate. IRL, she knew my tastes, so I’d be looking for Joe Montegna’s sister, but she still held hope for the second Italian girl next door. In the end I have looked at her older sister since 1960.

Totally with you on that one. But geez… he’s got bigger commitment issues than most men I’ve dated.

He did kill the guy with 6 fingers, he finished that job.

I’ve noticed that Courtney Thorne-Smith has bailed on a few shows as well.

No. It was a TV series and it was pretty good.

No, you misunderstand. The series was great. The follow-on direct-to-DVD telefilm: sucktastical. Regardless, Patinkin completed the show, and elected (sagely, as it turns out) to decline on the film.


Agreed - I finally got around to watching it on Sunday and though I wasn’t expecting much, I was still disappointed. The new Daisy ( a character I had been starting to warm up to in the second season ) in particular was fucking awful. I mean just horrible. The rest ( Dolores aside ) weren’t much better, weighed down by an exceptionally weak story.

Patinkin would have helped, but he wouldn’t have saved it.

I don’t know the timeline – if Patinkin had been in, would they have stepped up the production? I definitely agree that the “new Daisy” was awful, and that if Laura Harris had dropped out, they should have brought in a new character, the way they brought in Daisy after Betty left. Leaving out Kiffany and burning down Der Waffle Haus was heresy, and there was not nearly enough Dolores and especially Crystal.

Funny I was just thinking of him the other day because two cable stations are recently running Yentl and Alien Nation.

I will say, however, that the bits with George’s family were quite nice - although it contradicted established canon from the series…