Has my TV set gone crazy, or my cable provider?

All of a sudden, my TV reception is doing that rapid-blinking/horizontal no-hold thing (you know, that used to happen with old-time TVs all the time, until you adusted the antenna or slapped the shit out of the unit), for at least a few seconds every minute (and ALWAYS when I change a channel). The first question is whether this is the set (in which case I’m off to buy a new one) or the cable provider. My VCR plays fine (well, actually, I need a new VCR, too, but for unrelated reasons–that keeps sticking, but no horizontal-hold issues.)

Well, you can disconnect everything from the TV except the cable box to see if that works as well as making sure all the connections are tight when everything is connected. If it doesn’t, it’s likely the cable company. This can happen for a number of reasons such as software problems, electronic problems (bad VCR if the cable is connected through it) or weather, such as a large storm. Also, you can try the cable box on another TV in that house.

Recently, an Emergency Alert System (EAS) test caused my box to stop changing channels, but unplugging it for a few seconds to reset it solved the problems. As for electronic problems, one box I had used infrequently would freeze-frame (I don’t have DVR mind you). The reason, the cable company sends a signal to check usage and will disconnect if the box has been dormant for a long period of time, but my box never got the signal to disconnect. A box could have problems simply to to age and defects. If reset doesn’t work, call the cable company and have them reset it by sending a signal. If it doesn’t work, exchange the box. Also, despite the advances in tech, a sufficiently powerful storm can still interfere with the signal(s) the cable company gets from satellites. Also, the time of day could figure into this as my cable companies tends to do upgrades either late night or early morning or on Sunday. So, some channels might be missing among other weird things.

I take it you still have a crt tv?

Shoudn’t happen with a plasma or lcd job.

All i got.