Has oral sex always existed?

Meaning, since homo sapiens became homo sapiens?

Did the ancient Egyptians go down on each other? Did the Romans do a LXIX?

Do we merely assume that they did it, as they were humans like us, or are there historical records to prove it?

Enquiring minds want to know.

I think it’s safe to say that it existed before Homo sapiens became Homo sapiens. For instance, amongst the Bonobos.

Agreed. Long before fire, long before the wheel, there was head.

A lot of the art of the Moche culture of South America depicts oral and anal sex.

For examples, go to this site:


Then search for “Moche Pottery” and click the first link.

I like the first picture. The guy seems to be saying, “Yay me!”

Well, wouldn’t you? I bet he was, like, the chief.


The Kama Sutra mentions “the kissing of the phallus”.

You only need to read some of the Greek and Roman classics to realize that we couldn’t teach them anything they didn’t already know.

The Romans, for example, differentiated between blow jobs and ‘irrumatio’, a violent fucking of the mouth, which was considered shameful for the recipient (and surely none too pleasant!)

Really, you shouldn’t try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs. Or cocks. She probably knows far more than you do.

In the Beginning, God created the blowjob. And He saw that it felt good, so good that He decided to create a universe in which the blowjob might make sense, so He created Heaven and then Earth, divided night and day, and all that trivial shit, so that he might create creatures of the field, all created with cocks in each others’ mouths, and then He thought, “Unless I want a world where I’m creating new stuff all the time, or where childbirth is excruciating, I gotta make me some pussies,” and Lo! a different kind of head was thus created…

And I beleive the 69 is referred to as either ‘the congress of the crow’ or ‘the congress of the cow.’
Neither one sounds especially appealing.

Once at the Toledo Zoo there were two Orangutans engaged in 69. Indeed there were many chuckles. Also at said zoo a female chimp was giving a male a chimp a handjob, of course while he chewed on his fingernails. Typical man. :wink:

I wonder if the above is any reason that the zookeepers refer to themselves as “pimps” and “madams.” I kid.