Has Surface been renewed for next year?

The title says it all.

Fuck The Surface! Go Invasion!

No, according to the Futon Critic.

Thank you very much. I wasn’t aware of that site. I’ve added it to my favorites.

I was into this show as well. I really looked forward to it from week to week. I like Invasion a lot too, but body snatcher stories have been done to death… Surface had some really weird stuff going on, and I liked the characters and respective story arcs.

I really hope they pick this up again. Doesn’t look like all hope is lost… yet. C’mon NBC, give it another shot!

So, did season 1 come to any sort of natural stopping point or are there all kinds of dangling story threads or cliffhangers that still need to be addressed? I might give this a shot on DVD (if/when it comes out) but I won’t bother if it’s cancelled in the middle of a story arc.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but yes, there are many unfinished story arcs. In fact the show may have worked itself into such a corner that production costs for future episodes may preclude the show from being renewed. The story line and the final scene in the last broadcast episode is going to be hard to work around.

They just need a bigger boat.

Or wait until miles or nim turns into a giant lizard and ride him to shore..

I have to admit, this series was interesting in the fact it had 3 central characters who didn’t meet up with each other until the end of the first season.

That’s what I liked the most about this show. I only saw 4 or 5 episodes because it was on either a night I didn’t watch TV or it was on against stuff I liked more I can’t really remember.

The show aired like a month ago so I see no reason to spoiler tag it-

My favorite part of the last episode was when the two sets of central characters finally did meet up, it was pretty damn realistic. When the two adults find the two teenagers WITH a baby sea monster, they freak out and lose their cool.