Anyone still watching Surface? Anyone?

I don’t know why I’m still bothering, really. It’s mostly out of habit. The last episode really got the show accelerating downhill into the land of sci-fi cliche-dom. I mean, so now it turns out that the evil creature was genetically engineered (strike one) by an eccentric, loner super genius (strike two) who, it turns out, was working for an eeeeeevil pseudo-governmental nameless corporation (strike three…yeeeer OUT!).

Meanwhile, back at the high school, the kid (I don’t even remember his name) gets bitten by his pet creature and is now demonstrating superhuman electrical and goo powers that may begin to interfere with his newfound love interest. Pretty soon, I’m betting his father will die and gasp out with his last breath that with great power comes great responsibility.

If the goal was to create a show to rival Lost, I’d say they’ve got a long, long way to go.

I keep tuning in because I get the title confused with Invasion.

Not tonight, though.

Yep Iris and I are still watching, though I’m not sure if we know why. I think it’s because we’ve already watched the first half of it and want to see how it turns out. How much longer is this show supposed to go on for?

I watched it for the first time on Monday. The female scientist has the facial expressions of a silent movie starlet. The southern fried overprotective hunky dude is right out of the overused sci-fi cliche book. We’ve got the twitchy, paranoid, socially akward uber-genius. We’ve got the immensely powerful corporation behind the bizarre conspiracy.

What really struck me is that this show could be good. The parts with the high school kids were great. It fed the mystery. There was tension. I saw the one little creature, and knew that there were more from the last episode recap, but didn’t know everything that was going on. Then the scientist side of the story had to come in and blow all of the tension that was created.

The reason that I enjoy Lost is that they lay out the puzzle carefully, which is good because the puzzle is the centerpiece of the show. By bringing in the scientist story and revealing the nature of the creature, they made the show about running from the shadowy agency and not about the mystery and made the high school bits nearly pointless.

I watch it, although I find a couple of the characters annoying. It keeps me interested enough to appreciate that there’s nothing else on at 8PM on Monday.

Started watching it but lost interest. Can someone spoil for me? What are the creatures and where are they coming from?

AFAIK, the creatures are genetically engineered organisims created by Martha Plimpton and a shadowy cabal of scientists working for the top secret nasty mean corporationBut I’ve only watched the one episode so I may not have the whole story.

My husband’s still watching it, and I think he’s still [del]forcing[/del] letting our son watch it. I gave up weeks ago, after it just became a game of “Name that Spielberg Ripoff” with each plot development. It was just way too E.T. meets Gremlins meets Close Encounters meets SeaQuest - all of them done better the first time.

(*Invasion *I’m still reluctantly watching with them, but something better actually happen soon, dammit! I dug Threshhold, but they took it away… :frowning: )

I’m still watching. I was really enjoying it in the beginning, but it is losing it’s charm.

Still… I was pissed Monday, when my local NBC affiliate pre-empted Surface for a Pat Robertson special :mad: and generously showed Surface at 1 AM. So I missed this weeks’ episide.

I’m still watching and I still like it. Sure I’m not crazy about the way some characters act (I want to slap that Daughtry chick sometimes) or that the animals may not be natural but I just love that little creature, Nimrod. He reminds me of my cat, Pi, cute but dangerous. They could get rid of everyone else and just have the show be the adventures of Nimrod and Miles (but more Nimrod than Miles). I’m hoping that maybe the creatures will eat all the humans (and stop eating the whales) or rise up and be the new rulers of the planet.

I, for one, welcome our new Electrical Reptilians Overlords.

Clairification: The super-genius did not create the creature by herself – she esitmated 2500 other scientists were involved.

Would you rather it be aliens?

I like that the protagonists uploaded it to the 'net making sure it it was easy to distribute. That way they avoided “have to protect this tape at any cost” cliche.

I’m not a big fan, but will probably still watch (hoping for more scantily clad Lake Bell around sweeps time)


They’re basically big lizard-looking sea monsters. They range in size from the cute baby one that bit the kid to really, really, really big ones - there’s a shot of one giant one swallowing a boat whole. The origin seems to be the big mystery so far, and most of what we know about that came from the last episode - the aforementioned evil corporation with their stable of noble-yet-misguided genetic engineers. Up until now, we’ve seen scenes with a shadowy group of FBI type people trying to cover up the existence of the critters. Oh, and one more thing that bugs me - there have now been hundreds, if not thousands of people who have seen these creatures. They’re breeding. There’s no WAY they’re going to continue to keep their existance a secret. Yet the evil coverup guys are still focused entirely on trying to stop our heroes from talking.

Bingo! I didn’t make it past the second episode for this very reason.

I think the evil coverup guys aren’t so much interested in preventing the existence of the creatures from coming out as preventing the ORIGIN of the creatures from becoming known.

I watch it - and I love this show! Well crafted, involving stories, and very involving characters. Its a great plot, well thought out, and I’m hoping it keeps going in the same vein.

I caught this at the start, and then fell away. And now, surprise, surprise, I saw an ep on SciFi.

All I have to say is that I hate the kid that found Nimrod. He deserves every misfortune life throws at him. Is he dead yet? Last I saw him, he had a 108 degree fever because his wounds from some other Nimrod-like creatures got infected, and he was hiding them from everyone.

And don’t get me started on the two dumbasses on the raft.

I hate him too, although he’s a bit easier to deal with now that he’s not all ga-ga over the lizard. Nim healed him from the fever when he was dying of it, then Nim was killed by a cop. Then Nim came back to life, with a surly attitude, and is being kept in the aquarium for study, which neither Nim nor the doofus is happy about.
As for the kid, he has a crush on the aquarium’s chief scientist AND he apparently has absorbed the characteristics of the creatures from Nim. He is generating electricity and exuding sticky stuff. Which is endlessly complicating his love life.

Beuhler’s watching, I bet.

I’m still watching it and liking it but yeah, it is becoming very cliche and silly.

BTW, I hate the stupid kid too. Every episode someone asks him what is wrong and he gets that same dopey look on his face and says nothing is wrong. :smack:
I really hope he gets eaten by one of the creatures but of course that won’t happen because he’s becoming one…or something.

This is the second time it’s been implied that Nimrod bit Miles, so I want to clear this up. The cute baby one (Nimrod) did NOT bite the kid (Miles). Miles was bitten by a different smaller animal that he encountered after he had released Nimrod into the wild. He went in the water thinking it was Nim and was bitten by something and then saw that it was a group of smaller, younger creatures. At the time Nimrod had been captured by some fishermen who mistreated him, he later escaped. Nimrod healed Miles when he got sick from the bite.