Surface 10/17

I may have missed the thread, but if not…

Better episode then I thought it would be, but I’m bugged by two things.

1.) Exactly how was Laura tracking the GPS tag while in the truck? Satillite uplink?

2.) The creatures have EMP?

I’m torn between how I feel about Rich’s wife’s behaviour. Last episode she takes the kids and leaves him out of the blue. So in this episode, he heads out to california.

Then she calls him up, acting rather pissed that he’s not at home. On one hand, I can see why she’d be upset, but on the other, somebody who takes the kids and runs off really doesn’t have a lot of right to be angry when her husband decides to do the same thing, IMHO.(What you want him to do? Sit at home and cry until you got back?)

I sometimes wonder if they have any idea where this show is going…but I continue to watch.

You are right about the wife and being pissed he is not there, but then again, I am sure she is none to thrilled that it took him all of five minutes to pack up the truck and drive out to see his monster as well as that hussy who lives in California.
She may have left him, but this new arrangement can’t make her feel any better.

Nice that Nemo came back and snuggeled under the covers with the kid, but I am confused - does it or does it not have to live in water? I guess not, if it is happy to climb into bed.

And scientist and hillbilly…and her kid…what exactly happened to the kid? Did they leave him in the truck the entire time?

They dropped him off with his father.

Must have sneezed during that part…but I could swear I saw the kid hanging on to scientist mom at the end, or was I just really sneezing a lot during this episode.

I have to tell you, I gave this series a try for four episodes, but I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to move on. “Close Encounters” meets “Jaws” might’ve sounded good on the drawing board, but something about the execution just fell flat for me.

That’s a good description. I can’t believe I still watch this stupid show, but for some crazy reason I just keep checking it out each week.

“Invasion” is actually turning out to be pretty good. I’d suggest that to anyone who likes this kind of stuff but wants a better show. It’s right after “Lost”, so it’s got a good lead in.

Surface. Needs. To. Pick. up. the.

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion to this sentence! Honest! We swear something will happen!!

The Lizards name is Nimrod…named after the guy who supposdly built the Tower of Babel.

Though I suspect these kids got it from the Green Day Album.

Nimrod seems to prefer heat, dry or moist.

I find myself wishing that Nim would grow really big really fast and eat Miles’ family…Well, maybe not his dad, but his mom and sister are just wretched.

I tried watching Invasion the first night. I was bored stiff. This, well, if it gets canceled I won’t cry but I’d be curious to find out what those things are. I also want to see the sister get eaten.

I keep turning in why? Because I do want to see what the deal with the creatures are and Monday Night is a TV dead zone in comparison. There’s nothing else I’m vaugly interested in during that time slot. Though if they put 24 or Firefly on opposite it, I’m gone.

What’s wierd is that I don’t like either of those movies but I like this…well, more then those, anyway.

Damn, I’m the same way. I complain about it’s pace but I’ve watched every episode and will probably watch next week. I guess I am curious to see where they’re going with it. Also, Monday’s at 8:00 are usually when I’m home and in the mood to watch some tube.

I think I can guess the end, though. (Total speculation but I’ll box this anyway.)

When all seems lost for humanity, Nimrod and Miles bond and Nimrod convinces the other monsters not to destroy the world. In the next season monsters and humans unite to fight an even greater threat.

Yes, I had the exact same reaction. The first episode just moved too damn slow. But other people told me it got better, so I watched a few more episodes, and it really did get better. I started out giving it a C-, but it’s up to a solid B right now. I think each episode gets just a tad more interesting.

I’m actually really enjoying this show. So far, its the only one (comparing Invasion and Threshold) that have a good basis for the premise – Dinosaur-ish critters living in lava which are migrating out into the oceans as the sub-sea rifts open up. They have a good level of intelligence, and a good basis for a defense - the EMP pulse could serve some purpose to defer the effects of the lava tubes they live in or something.

Not bad mind-candy, has some decent acting, great special effects, and an involving situation.