Surface 9/26 Open SPOILERS!

I didn’t see a thread for this yet. I’m liking this more and more. We actually got to see the creatures!
This Space Intentionally Left Blank in order not to spoil by mouseover preview.

The baby one that the young boys found is adorable! It looks kind of dragonish. So how big do these things get? We’ve seen a submarine with toothmarks on it and now we’ve seen the huge mouth take out the fishing boat in the closing scene. Loved that closing scene, too, it was Jaws with a twist.

So is anyone else watching? I think this is going to be my favorite of the 3 new “alien” shows this season.

From the other thread:

I caught the last 5 minutes of tonight’s show. It looked intriguing…should I start watching?

YES !!!

I looked forward to this show from the first ads for it , and am enjoying it greatly !

And the baby was just ADORABLE !

Nimrod: Cutest Aquatic Iguana Thingy Ever.

Those teenaged boys seem pretty unfazed by its alarming growth rate and unique behavior of killing its prey with nifty blue flashy bio-deathrays, though:

“Dude, it’s just microwaved a guppy with its mind.”

“Cool. This totally makes up for the Sea Monkey fiasco. Hey, lets go get some Taco Bell and then play Nintendo.”

I think this proves that teenage boys rank somewhere below monkeys on the intelligence scale.

Although, I admit I might try to keep one of those little buggers … until it eats my family. Do you think the little guy went into the pool because he was looking for “live prey” and he later realized they were too big for him?

Did anyone else notice the recast of the mother? I was pretty sure she was played by someone else on the first episode.
I did a search for another thread on this and I couldn’t even find the original thread for the premiere, maybe I spelled it wrong? I also checked the first two pages of CS and didn’t see a recent one, so my apologies if I missed it.

Talk about realism.

Yeah, they’re always cute until they start biting peoples’ fingers off and planning he subjugation of the surface world… I am mildly concerned that it seems to be fully amphibious…

Awww, but he’s too cute to plan world domination. He’s a pwecious widdle sea monster, isn’t he, coochie … er, sorry, got carried away.
Um, not only is he amphibious but he can also survive being kept in a closed cooler for hours at a time in very little water and he seems to be comfortable in both fresh and salt water.

I absolutely hated the scene of the scientists using a frikkin’ “laser beam” to cut through the critter’s skin.

Without any sort of serious eye protection. Using a visible wavelength laser, at that. I guess we didn’t get shown the scene where it was revealed that all the other scientists had gone blind as a result.

“The googles! They do NOTHING!”

Yeah, I haven’t tried the ad links yet, but I figure they’re probably not too useful.


Umm… yeah… I MEANT to say that, you see. It was a subtle joke.

[SUB]So subtle that I didn’t even know I was gonna say it.[/SUB]

I really wonder where the science consultants are on TV and in movies, these days. I mean, anyone with a decent knowledge of science should know that most lasers used are not able to be seen unless you look at them straight on or until they hit somethign, and that you wear goggles when using them. I mean…do the consultants tell the procuders/diretoprs/whoever about this, and then just get ignored, because a laser beam you can see looks better?

“If people don’t see the laser, how will they know there’s a laser?” :rolleyes:

And later one of the guyd said they were doing a viviseciotn. Ummm…they were? :confused: Last I checked, performaing a vivisection required the animal to be alive…otherwise, it’s just called an autopsy.

But I still enjoy this show, bad sciecne aside (still not NEARLY as bad as the science on “Threshold.”)

This is actually pretty standard for TV & Movies, also used heavily in the scripting of fight scenes… “If people can’t see the blow, how will they know what happened?”, ignoring the point that if the blow is slow & telegraphed enough for the audience to see it coming, the guy getting hit can see it coming, too… one of the reasons people hated the fight scenes in Batman Begins is because they happened fast enough that most people couldn’t tell what the heck was going on.

Actually, with animals it’s a necropsy.

I thought they did have face masks on, then the one guy started telling the other guy to shut it down and took off his mask to yell at him more effectively? Okay, so that doesn’t make it any less stupid, I still like it the show.

I especially liked this sequence:

“Get a shot of those gills. Great! Yep, it’s a mammal!”

Still, they seem to be keeping the pseudoscience to a minimum, and it’s much better than Threshold.

Well, I think that was the point. A mammal with gills? Crazy! This animal is crazy! :stuck_out_tongue: