What? No Surface thread?

Am I the only one still watching this? I taped it and finally got around to seeing it today at lunch, and looked for a thread…and there was none!

Out of this, Threshold, and Invasion, this is my favorite. Hell, I gave up on Threshold after the second episode, and Invasion is close to gone for me. If the bnext episode doesn’t get me, then I’ll stop watching.

Anyway, first off, I want to make a prediction right hwere, right now. Granted, my initial prediction I am abandoning (which was that there was something “infecting” life orms and turnig them into thses life forms, hence the wide range if sizes we’ve seen.)

My new theory is this, and you heard it here first:


I’m really annoyed with that little kid. OK, for a while, you thought it was a lizard, but the electricity thing is clearly not something an iguana does. At 15, I was smart enough to know that that would be something a biologist might want to see. Andm, since the government has no idea that these animals are in his neck of the woods, he can easily get to a biologist who might tthen be able to get to a reporter before they are “conatained.” But, since the cute little lizard ran away, that’s now not possible.

Oh, and the doctor woman calling her friend and just immediattly started yammering “hey, I have proof of this new species. DNA and sound!” and then finding out it was Mr.Containment. Hello? Doesn’t anyone actually wait to find out who their talking to before they start spouting off stuff?

Regardless, I’m gonan watch next week.

Oh, and anyone else at first thought that was blood coming out of Old Faithful? (I have since decided it was lava, but at first it looked like blood)

I was wondering the same thing. I’ve watched since the first episode, and am starting to look forward to it. I haven’t had a chance to see threshold(It’s on friday night. I’ve got other stuff I want to do on fridays, like BSG) and Invasion never grabbed me interest. I saw the first episode and was bored pretty stiff(Fake hurricanes aren’t scary after a real one).

I do wonder how long the kid could have kept up the charade, and I kinda hope the sister will get zapped by his lighting lizard for being so annoying. I agree totally with what you said. That’s the oldest play in the book to have the hero(ine) find evidence then blab it all to some unknown person on the other end of a phone, particulary considering these people have ruined your career already.

I’m wondering about the feasibility of a creature that can survive in lava yet live just as well in the ocean depths, and is amphibious. It’s starting to strech the credibility, but I’m still up for watching.

Who didn’t see the cyptozoology thing coming?

Finally, the old faithful thing was a pretty bad green screen job, but I didn’t see what come out.

I watched the second half of last week’s episode… I say the last shot, the over view of the boat and the sea monster opening its mouth to swallow it from below… sold me…

But I missed it this week.

Actually, AFAIK, there’s really no proof yet that they are amphibious. The closest we’ve seen to one breathing air is the pet one the kid has, and it was getting sick and lethargic from not being it water (though it may also have been due to lack of food.)

But they do seem to be equally suited to fresh or salt water, but that’s not that rare, since Salmon and maybe even other animals can do that. But yeah, the able to withstand several thousand degree lava, as well as (I’m assuming) close to freezing temps is the deep ocean is odd. But apparantly they have that “goo” thery excret which protects them. Maybe some kind of organic super-asbestos? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much any sci-fi show (especially ones that deal with new life forms) have their :rolleyes: moments, but this one seems to have a minimum amount of it, at least compared to Threshold.

And anyone else wondering how the two that have been found dead (the one that washed up in NC, plus that skeleton that’s hanging up at the base) became dead? Especialy since they mentioend that they seem impossible to kill, since they have super-goo that heals flesh, and withstands temperature extremes? There’s always old age, or a sudden massive trauma where the animal dies before it’s goo can heal it.

And I want to see bigger ones! We know that there is at least one big enough to eat a fishing boat and bite a submarine (and still no word on the whereabouts of the crew) but all we’ve seen of that size is it’s mouth.

I started watching this over the weekend when they replayed the first two episodes, so I’m hooked now, even though I’m not much of a SF fan. TiVo is set. I did miss the very beginning though; was the submarine bitten? I thought the crew just disappeared (weren’t some people walking around inside it looking for everyone?)

Does anyone else think that Dad is a bit, er, weird? “Whatcha doing son, one-handing it?”

Once they had it at the base (I don’t know if it was in the pilot or second ep) it did a pan out to show HUGE teeth marks on the hull. It looked like it was probably the same size as the boat swallowing creature.

When is it on? What station? I looked for it yesterday, but couldn’t find it.

I’m watching all of the new SF shows this year. My husband likes this one more than I do, but I don’t mind it. Lake Bell isn’t as annoying as she was on Boston Legal. Rich looks like Colin Firth’s country cousin, which is weird. And the kid? Does he ever shut his mouth? Ever? He just stands around with it gaping open and that annoys the hell out of me.

Monday nights on NBC. Invasion in on ABC and is the one on Wednesday nights.

I gave up on Threshold fairly quickly, but I do like Surface…

As I have mentioned before, it is like they have stolen from a whole bunch of Spielberg films - E.T, Close Encounters, Jaws, Jurrasic Park…and if you are going to steal subplot story lines from films, those are pretty good ones to steal from.

Not sure exactly where this whole story is leading, but so far the ride is fun and will continue to tune in.