has anyone seen what the creatures in NBC's "Surface" look like?

I’m just curious, more than anything. I’ve heard that it’s not going to be something that’s kept secret all season, but rather something that will be front and center from the beginning.

Anyone seen leaked pics?

In all the ads I’ve seen they resemble crabs with really short legs and a mouth-like opening on their underside.

Those are just the eggies.

I watched the pilot last week, and wish I could remember the faux-biology, but the adults are leviathans, anyway. Kind of whale-like, in the most general way. Vertebrate. Huge and slim. Very fast moving. Massively bioelectric.

The story seems somewhat inspired by John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes, in that the critters arrive from somewhere else, coming down as huge fireballs in the ocean. Although the critters in Surface haven’t yet shown any technology, they wreak havoc with subs and are the subject of a government cover-up “to prevent panic.”