Has Templar treasure recently been found?

Last weekend a friend of mine told me that a stash of Templar treasure was recently found in Italy. Whats more, when he started trying to sell some of it, the Vatican found out and has laid claim to the entire thing. When I heard the story, I raised an eyebrow and went on my merry way. This morning I suddenly was reminded of it and started digging for information. Almost as expected, I haven’t been able to find anything using search engines and keywords like “templar treasure,” “msnbc templar treasure,” cnn templar treasure," “templar loot,” ad nauseum. Anyone have anything factual on this, or am I uncovering a new urban legend here?

I don’t know anything about Templar treasure, but if your friend was trying to sell it and the Vatican claimed it, then he should be able to show you some documents or letters, something like that, from the Vatican in which they tell him: “Hey, bub, that stuff’s ours.” (perhaps not in those exact words. I’d be more than a bit skeptical if your friend couldn’t produce any documentation on his story.