Has The Internet Resulted In any Verified Cases of Spirit-Human Communication?

Given the often-irrational belief that the dead can contact the living (witness the tremendous success of charlatans like Jonathan Edward), I would have thought that the ethernet would have provided an opportunity for communication. After all, if the dead can move stuff around, surely they can cause a few lines of text to appear on a computer monitor>
Has anyone gotten an email from a dead relative? How about on-line seances…we don’t need darkened rooms anymore…are there any on-line psychics?
This looks like a fertile field to investigate…are there websites for mediums? :eek:

This would be most easily faked “medium” (heh) of spiritual communication ever. All you need is a background process programmed to make these words appear, and even respond to people. Heck, these background processes are often called “daemons”.


It will probably surprise no one that a service to provide “emails from the dead” already exists. Final Partings.com

They seem serious about it.