Has the NFL toned down the pink?

It looks like for the first game of the October NFL schedule, the pink has been toned down. It’s there, but it isn’t as in your face as it has been over the past couple of years.

Interesting, a local news station posted about breast cancer month on their Facebook and the first comments were overwhelmingly negative. Less awareness, more research.

I thought the exact same thing, we had to look closely at the screen to make sure that the players were wearing pink. Much more subtle to my eyes.

You know what’s funny? A year ago people were asking if the NFL really wanted to be associated with the Komen Foundation. I think the pink cleat is on the other foot now.

I hate the pink mouthguards. On black players, they uncomfortably remind me of the giant-lipped racist caricatures from the 40’s. I can’t not see it.

All the other pink accessories are fine, just not these.