Has the Olympic Flame ever gone out?

the flame travel from Greece to Canada on a surfboard made me wonder - has it ever gone out?

I mean, I am sure that the keep a fire burning somewhere so they can relight it if necessary…but… has it ever been necessary?

I think I can remember at least two occasions where the flame went out. It’s much late to google in-depth right now; see Re-igniting the Flame

Thanks for the amzing quick reply.

That’s pretty funny.

(and silly)

That’s Montreal for ya.

“Eh? Ze flame went out? It’s no problem, I always have my smokes wit me.”


It went out during the torch relay in 1996. (Go here and scroll down under “Safe and sound”.)

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A slightly cheeky answer to the OP is that it goes out at the end of every Olympic Games.

Visitors to Olympia in Greece are often surprised to learn that there is no eternal Olympic flame. It is lit anew for each games by the sun’s rays and a parabolic mirroe.

…Which, if you look at it another way, means that the Olympic flame won’t go out for another five billion years.

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The torches being used for the current relay across Canada have gone out several times and Bombardier have redesignedit to offer more protection from winds and other harsh weather.

A co-worker carried the torcha couple of weeks ago across a long bridge on a windy rainy day. It went out on her and she had to get a new one given to her. I believe it was lit from a miners lamp that houses the ‘original’ flame.

For the win! :smiley: