What to do with the Olympic Cauldron?

What do they do with the Olympic cauldron the flame was burning in after the games are over? Do they tear them down, leave them as a monument, or something else? Do they ever light the flame again? I understand the paralympic games are going on right now in Salt Lake, do they use the same cauldron for their flame or do they have their own?

My information comes from this message. I have not tried to verify the information, but the poster is a representative of the Center for Olympic Studies in Australia discussiing a controversy over relighting the Sydeny torch.


Atlanta (to a city park)

Still in place:
Los Angeles (I think)

  • Sometimes the flame is relit: Berlin (1937), Los Angeles and Calgary (1989), Sydney (just recently), Montreal (with each summer Games and the 25th anniversary), possibly others

  • The Olympic flame is relit for the Paralympics in the same cauldron.

The Olympic cauldron here in Calgary actually hasn’t been dismantled. It is still located in McMahon Stadium where the opening ceremonies took place in 1988. It hasn’t been lit since but there is a second cauldron on top of the Calgary Tower (which the torches for the relay were modeled after) which is re-lit from time to time for special occasions.

A former professor of mine once lit the Olympic cauldron in Tokyo, as part of the pre-game show for a football game held in the Olympic stadium. Apparently, the Japanese don’t play much American football, but they enjoy watching it.