Has the rule against raising zombies from the dead been reinstated?

I wanted to post something to an older thread and got a prompt asking if I wanted to revive this old conversation, and further telling me that everyone who had participated would be notified.

That last bit really gave me pause. I don’t want be the cause of sending out a mass email to everyone. Will it really notify everyone who posted in the thread? Or does it only notify people who subscribed to the thread?

It’s just like any other thread, really. If you have it set to Watching, you’ll get a notification that someone has posted a new reply. If you have it set to Normal, you’ll only get a notification if someone replied directly to you. If you have it set to Muted, then you won’t get a notification at all.

It’s not an email (though some have email notifications turned on), just a normal notification.

Sounds like it’s just discobot going on again: that’s not a Straight Dope rule at all, as far as I know, just one of those non-removable things baked into the software. discobot likes to give advice, which in my experience is almost always safely ignorable.

Yeah, it’s just more Discourse nannying, similar to the warning it gives if it thinks your topic is too close to some other topic. Just ignore it.

Yeah that’s a bit too strong of a warning; only people who have actively subscribed (are watching, at the highest notification level) the topic would be notified of a new reply.

I’ll see if I can edit the copy to tone that part down.

It really depends on local ordinances if replying to a 10+ year old topic is preferable to starting a new one. I tend to err on the side of the user – if you really feel this 10 year old topic is exactly the right fit for your reply, go for it!