Has the USA caused the poverty in Cuba?

A guy I know just got back from holiday in Cuba. he said it was really nice there but the poverty was terrible. He felt really sorry for them. Do you think the USA is to blame?


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Well, the standard of living on the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay is so high, comparatively, that it can’t help but trickle down to the rest of Cuba. If Cuban life appears to European or American eyes as below the poverty line, I think the logical action to take is to establish more military bases on the island.

The embargo’s undoubtably had a negative effect on the quality of life for your average Cuban but the US didn’t cause the reasons it was necessary to put it in place.

Castro that stone elsewhere.

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The US embargo against Cuba has been in effect long enough that it is simplistic to blame the embargo for poverty that exists a generation later. Cuba has had plenty of time to develop markets other than the US.

However, Cuba had an overlong reliance on financial support from the former Soviet Union. Cuba produces raw materials for which demand has lessened and has allowed it’s infrastructure to deteriorate to where it can’t produce/ship raw materials to market in an economically effient manner.

I predict that about one month after Castro’s death the embargo will be lifted and Cuba’s GNP will increase 100% per year for the first five years. They’ll just have to get used to being a tourist economy.

The embargo has had a negative impact, yes. But if Castro legalized private enterprise, he would see poverty decline rapidly. It’s his fault.

I pretty much agree with this. Except the spelling of “efficient”. <G>

But the original question could be recast to get a different response. For example:

Q: Did the United States’ decision to embargo have the practical result of making people in Cuba poorer?
A: Absolutely. Being cut off from the biggest consumer market on the planet? And it being a close neighbor?

Q: Did the United States government intend to impoverish Cuba?
A: Yes. Either that, or overthrow the government.

Q: Was the United States government happy to impoverish Cuba, taking no steps whatsoever to help it out?
A: Certainly. Cuba’s been a shining example of how communism leads countries to economic and cultural backwater.

What? There are people who want the U.S. to trade with Cuba?

Haven’t those people been paying attention to Ralph Nader and the anti-globalization forces? Don’t they know that when poor, Third World countries trade with the US, we evil capitalists will only exploit them and impoverish them?

We can’t let that happen to Fidel! We can’t let the poor, brave revolutionaries of Cuba be exploited! For their own good, for the good of the revolution, we must make sure that they never engage in trade with the USA.

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whistlepig’s got it. Cuba will someday be a highly valued tourist destination, and once out from under Castro’s heel, the economy will thrive.

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