Has their been formal war crimes charged against Bashar Hafez al-Assad and his British Wife?

Just wondering if he’s facing formal charges yet. Same for the British wife.

Does he have any wriggle room left at all? Leave and go somewhere safe? Or is it do or die for him and the wife just like Muammar Gaddafi ?

Makes a difference because a guy facing a death sentence has nothing to lose. No reason not to fight until they drag him out of a drainage ditch.

Why would his wife be charged? As far as I know she’s simply the equivalent of the First Lady.


Referral to the International Criminal Court

:dubious: Is this a joke? You’ve seen the reports of her shopping while people are dying? Cities bombed beyond recognition. Some of her emails were released a few weeks ago. There’s no indication that she opposes the slaughter at all.

If no charges are filed. Then maybe there’s a slim chance of a deal? Where he goes somewhere that will welcome him. Maybe Russia? In exchange for not pursuing International charges. Any deal is better than having to fight it out to the very gates of the palace. Like they did with Gaddafi.

Should add that the wife isn’t your typical Taliban Muslim Wife that’s been forbidden to attend school or even attain literacy. She’s very intelligent, highly educated (college degree) and iirc she was working in investment banking when she met Assad. She must be very aware of what’s going on. Heck, anyone with an internet connection knows.

And now she’s out of favour, she becomes the British wife, like BP suddenly being referred to in full on every occasion as British Petroleum after that oil spill.


Hot DAMN! Shopping? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s a war crime.

What crime are you describing?

If you benefit from the oppression of people doesn’t that make you an accomplice? The riches she’s enjoying is coming from the people of Syria. If she’s part of the inner circle then any war crimes are at her feet too.

They hung Mussolini and his mistress in Italy. Ghaddafi and his sons were charged with war crimes. I’m not sure about the wives.

Being a part of a dictatorship means dirty hands for all the insiders.

If it ever comes to any sort of trial it’ll depend on whether she “stands by her man” or not – as to sentencing, many other variables which as a layman on international law, all I’ve seen, it is almost a non-extant possibility in so far as major powers say it isn’t/agree. So I am unable to tell you about what awaits her. Though I think it might have something to do if she claims her British citizenship should said trial occur – which may place the latter in a rather awkward spot…but they’ve been used to that for many a decade. (1984. George Orwell) All that said, I doubt there is any way you can legally pin her madman of a husband for her living it up…

“We shall see” said the blindman.

Then you should have no problem pointing out what she would be charged with under the war crimes statutes, right? I’m sure she’s morally bankrupt, but that in and of itself isn’t a crime.

If you’re going to make shopping while people are being slaughtered a war crime then half of Syria will be in the dock. Not mentioning in emails that you are opposed to the slaughters may be bad form but again, it’s no war crime. Being married to a war criminal isn’t a war crime either.

It’s pointless bringing up Mussolini’s mistress. She wasn’t convicted of war crimes, she was hanged by the partisans, who themselves could have been charged with a war crime for so doing.

War crimes, as defined by international law, are very specific. It isn’t just a case of convicting someone of not being a nice person. I think it most unlikely that the Syrian dictator’s wife will be charged with war crimes.

BTW I’m talking of international tribunals here. If she’s captured by Syrian rebels then they may well execute her simply for being married to Assad. But that has nothing to do with war crimes as defined by international law. (And again they should be very careful of international law themselves in their treatment of her.)