Has Wolverine ever been dismembered?

Since only his skeleton is indestructible, couldn’t someone slice off an arm or a leg and make off with it? Or simply decapitate him.

Hmmm … difficult to say.[ul][li]He’s had the adamantium pulled out of his skeleton by Magneto.[/li]
[li]He’s had all the flesh burned/blown off of one of his arms in that 4-part comic series with him and Havok in it.[/li]
[li]He’s been killed by a Sentinel in an alternate future by having ALL the flesh incinerated off of his skeleton.[/ul][/li]But I don’t remember any actual dismemberment. And it’s not likely that anyone could. If his skeleton is indestructable, that means you won’t be able to cut through his arm bones.

Age Of Apocalypse

In this alternate timeline, Wolverine lost a hand. Somebody else can you give you the details.

And you wouldn’t actually need to cut through bone to sever a limb- just the tissues connecting the bones.

Garth Ennis shot him in the stomach with a rocket launcher in a Punisher series IIRC.

It’s pretty much been shown that Ol’ Canucklehead isn’t going to die until he’s damn well ready. He’s still the best at what he does.

Didn’t he have his heart ripped out once?

And what he does isn’t pretty.

He also crushed him under a steam roller.

Yeah, by Mariko Yashida.

Oh, wait! You didn’t mean that way…

The Punisher also shot him in the face with a shotgun, point-blank. It blew all the flesh off the front of his skull. (But didn’t hurt his eyes, apparently.) I’m guessing he “got better.”

I wonder, though…if you cut off one of his limbs—say, a forearm—might it grow back, only with regular bone instead of Adamantium-laced bone?

Oh, right…AoA. So much for that theory. :smack:

I would expect that whoever put in his metal in the first place thought to give the adamantium chain linkages, or close up the ball-and-socket joints, or something equivalent, to make articulated joints. He can still move just fine that way, but he wouldn’t be dismemberable.

Was this before, or after, Wolvie got the adamantium sucked out of his bones by Mangeto?

If it was before, he wouldn’t have been “crushed”. No puny steamroller is going to break those bones.

He had the adamantium skeleton. It was in the same Punisher book where he takes a shotgun blast to the face, leaving an exposed metal skull. They don’t really show what was under the roller, though, just Frank parking it on him so he would stay put while he made his escape. I assume, once someone moved it off Wolvie, there was a blood-splattered skeleton-shaped imprint on the concrete floor. Regardless, it sure looked painful.

Overall, though, I found the crossover to be pretty lame. “Yer gonna take a ride on Route Snickety-Snick!” :rolleyes: Jesus, does he really talk like that in other comics? How did he get to be the ultimate badass of Marvel Comics with lines like that?

On a total tangent, do they still call them steamrollers? I doubt any of them are still steam-powered…

I remember someone saying that Deadpool once killed Wolverine, but I’ve never seen any evidence of it. Something about Wolverine’s head being chopped off. I think one time Deadpool thought he killed Wolvie, but that was all.

Punisher and Wolverine Do Looney Toons?

Didn’t he also recently survive very close proximity to the sun. With most of his body being burned away.

I’d rather read Garth Ennis’s toilet paper rorshach tests than most other comic writer’s finest work but I guess I can admit this was a little weak.

One of the uber-geeks at the comic shop told me it was because Ennis hates superheroes.

Yeah, it happened in a really stupid X-Men Annual where the X-Men were forced by some one-shot villain to get a powerful crystal from inside a crystal palace, and each one, one by one, was tempted away from the job by being offered their heart’s desire, except him. He made his way to the crystal, and the villain ripped his heart out, but a single drop of his blood hit the crystal and that super-charged his healing power to effectively clone him.

Without that crystal’s power-boost, though, I doubt his healing factor would have saved him.

I remember that one. It brings about the discussion that if you clone your body, then transfer your mind, would you still be you?

Did he ever get his adamantium back?, and if so how?

Apocalypse made Wolverine his servant as Death, and in doing so, replaced Wolverine’s lost adamantium.