Hassock or Ottoman?

What do you usually call this object?

Inspired by the following conversation I once had with an old roommate as we were moving out of our shared house:

Me- “Can I have the hassock?”

Friend- “What’s a hassock?”

M- “This thing.”

F- “You mean the ottoman?”

M- “What’s an ottoman?”

Other: footrest.

“Hassock” and “Ottoman” make me think of tribes from western Asia.


One puts the ottoman in front of the couch or sofa.

No hassocks or Chesterfields or davenports, please.

I’d probably call it a foot stool, even though it’s large-ish. Husband says ottoman.

Hmm. I’ve always thought of a footstool to be something like this, and you stand on it as opposed to put your feet up on it. Interesting.

A hassock is a cushioned soft ottoman, usually round.

The Ottoman Empire brings to mind people worshipping footstools and hordes of footstools in siege against a fortified town. “We won’t rest until you’re all at our feet! . . .oh wait. . .”


Never heard of a Hassock.

That’s what I’d call a footstool as well.

Hassock must be a regional name for a footstool. I’ve only heard the term Ottoman.

I would have said Ottoman

Foot stool
I used to say davenport for sofa too.

Ottoman, only place I’ve heard hassock is novels set in Victorian England.


That’s a stepstool.

And this is a no-step stool.

I call something large enough that one might sit upon or use as a small table an ottoman. A smaller version, which can only accommodate a pair of feet or a very dainty butt, is a hassock. To qualify as a footstool, it has to have exposed wooden legs and is about half the height of a hassock or ottoman.

Footstool. “Hassock” and “Ottoman” sounds like what elderly people in the Midwest would call it; the same kind of people who still use words like “oleo” and “icebox”.

Both or either. I have a large vocabulary.

I like the sound of Ottoman. Plus, that’s what it’s called in the image link.