Hate signing your name for credit card purchases?

I do.
My handwriting is terrible as it is. But when I have to sign my name for credit (well, actually, debit. I have no credit card nor need one) card purchases the slight pressure to make this signature look like the one on the card makes me almost mess it up, It luckily resembles the one on the card, but one or two of the latter letters are not formed properly if at all.
Can’t wait for ‘chip-and-pin’ to be fully established. Pressing buttons is easy.

Heh. I don’t sign “my” name. I use the made-up name my husband gave me when we got married. Go figure.

If it’s any consolation, I never look at receipt sigs and compare them to the card sig. Half the time people don’t even sign their credit cards, or put “ASK FOR ID!” instead of a signature.

As long as you sign it and the card goes through, I really don’t care. (Not to mention, in my line of work, the customer is usually pretty toasty by the time they sign their name anyway, so it’s not going to match regardless.)

Most of the clerks are like you, but one or two do sneak a suspicious glance, which is what worries me.

I spent a week in Sweden and Norway recently. At many gas stations and grocery stores they had a device that allowed you to enter your pin number. When this was done the transaction was complete and no signature was required. At one restaurant in Trondheim they brought a handheld device to the table. It allowed you to input the amount of the transaction, use your card and enter your pin number. Sure saved a lot of time.

kniz that system is being phased in in the UK. (Here it’s called ‘chip and pin’) and my card has the chip already.
I’ve used the system once, in a mobile phone shop (I was buying a spare charger).

I don’t mind signing. It doesn’t matter if my signatures don’t match as they have usually handed back my card before they ask me to sign.

I never have to sign for debit purchases, and I don’t really mind signing a papaer copy of credit card purchases. What I do mind, though, are those new-ish machines where you sign onto a screen with a stylus. I’m never confident of placement or the amount of pressure I should use, and I think my signature varies too much that way.

Here’s a thread about signing for credit card purchases, enjoy:

I sign every credit card slip I am presented, without fail. When I worked retail, I was a stickler for checking and verifying the signature on the card with the one I just got on the slip. There were a few sigs that were totally different (Like “John Doe” on the CC, but “Jack Smith” on the slip.), so I didnt’ make the sale. There were also a few that were the same name, but the handwriting didn’t match up. So no sale there either.

If you look at any CC, on the back it says, “Authorized signature - not valid unless signed”. So basically anyone who doesn’t sign their credit card and uses it are making invalid purchases. If you are accepting sales without checking that the card is signed, and you happen to get somone unscrupulous with a stolen credit card who knows this, they will take advantage of it.

The whole reason for the signature on the card is so that the sales person can have some sort of reference to make sure the card is not stolen. It’s not a perfect solution, but it does help. Credit card and identity theft are a very real problem. So I not only sign my CC, I also have a note on it to have the sales person check my ID as well. I’d guess that only 1 in 10 actually ask me for my ID though.

Here we go again.:slight_smile:

From the link I posted above, it was shown that asking for a person’s ID is illegal, unless the credit card is NOT signed.