Hate to ask- spell checker?

This is probably a really dumb question, and the answer, yes or no, is starring in my face as I type this, but is there a spell checker built into the board somewhere? Right now I type my reply here; copy it into my Lotus Notes to spell check it; and then copy it back into the window here. Aside from cutting the first step and composing a post in Lotus right off, is there better way to do this? An in-board way to spell check?


Firefox has a built in spell-checker. But the SDMB doesn’t, as far as I know.

The spell checker in Firefox is an add-on you have to download. I think it’s only available for Firefox version 2.0 and above.

You then get inline spellchecking like Word etc as you write your posts.

It’s not an add-on. It used to be, but is included starting with version 2. Cite.

Shoot. I’m at work and can’t install Firefox with out administrator privileges. Sounds nice though.

Thanks for the help just the same.

Can you install ieSpell for IE?

I just let the errors fly.

If you get a Google home page you can get Whitesmoke which is a online spell and grammar checker.

I use ieSpell and it worls just finne.

Does anyone know how to disable Firefox’s built-in spell checker?

Can’t imagine why you’d want to, but…

Tools > Options > Advanced tab. Uncheck “Check my spelling as I type.”

Download Firefox Portable.

It doesn’t require actual installation; you just extract it to a folder on your desktop and run it from there. No administrator privileges required. You can also run it directly from a USB key, although it will be slower.

Google Toolbar has a good spellchecker in it, and I have never had it cause any problems.

Thanks! The reason why I wanted to disable it is that the dictionary installed in my Firefox is in French, so almost every word was underlined when I was posting a reply on an English-language message board. I guess I could simply have downloaded the English dictionary, but I very rarely use spell checkers anyway.