Hate words?

As a counterpoint to Lobsang’s “Love words?” thread, here is one for your least favourite.

My three least favourite, and strangely they’re all to do with local government:

3. Municipal
In England, often attached to the words “swimming baths” or some other cheapo, depressing service.

2. Civic
Ceremonies, mayors, boring stuff.

…and at number one, not only is it dull, it actually sets my teeth on edge when I hear it; it sounds like something to do with a nasty disease:

1. Gubernatorial



Even if I ever have one, which I doubt, I will never ever ever call him that.


and, following on ruadh’s theme:


I quite like “poignant”. Being in Canada, I presume you pronounce it the French way? Sort of romantic, n’est-ce pas?


“Impact” as a nonliteral verb (yes, I know it has a legitimate etymology, but it just reminds me of pompous bosses who used it ad nauseam)

“preventative” (same reason; isn’t “preventive” good enough?)


Barman shouting “TIME

These are not the droids you’re looking for.


I hate “poignant” because it always sounds pretentious.

yes, in Canada we pronounce it the French way. (Unlike Agincourt, “AY-gin-court,” a suburb of Toronto, and Fraynce …)

How else would you pronounce it? I hesitate to ask …

‘courting’ as in; Are you courting yet (ie in a relationship)

Don’t know why but I really dislike that word

The (occasional) Irish pronunciation of “column”.

Actually, I dunno any other pronunciations, cowgirl. I don’t think it’s pretentious, but then this is an opinon thread so I’ll just shut up now. :wink:

As bad as hubby, if not worse, is boyf .
Short for “boyfriend”. Bleeeee.

“Sugs” as a short form of “Sugar”
Doesn’t read or sound right.

Empathy, or even worse: empathize. Bleuch. Don’t do that here, please.

I don’t like it when someone says something is ‘broke’ (unless it’s a gubernatorial :wink: candidate. It’s broken (can you imagine someone dying of a broke heart?)
And it doesn’t matter to me if it’s in the dictionary, I do not care for the word ain’t.

Pimp, blimp, pimple, dimple, and, to a certian extent, pumpernickel. Plump is also less than pleasant, and I could do without primp, as well.

There is a faction of my wife’s family that does not pass gas, or even fart, but “toots.” Grrr . . . That some of them talk about this pastime so much, and with such relish, only makes things worse.

And the following, due to bad experiences rather than simple aesthetics: proactive. Proactive, used in certain contexts, can drive me up the wall. This is due mostly because of one of the corporate cultures in which I once had to dwell. Actually, “corporate culture” can drive me bonkers, too.

Finally, one of the worst words to ever fall from the human mouth: assuage. It’s ten times worse than suede, which is also so much ground up glass in the old ear canal.

Pomp Pomp Diddle Daddum Waddom Choo


It makes my teeth quiver.

hahahahahaha at Mephisto :slight_smile: [excuse me]

**Follicle ** eww.
Gherkin is just plain odd.
Bifurcate sounds naughty