Watching TV late at night I caught a performance of a new group called Fiction Plane. Sting’s son is the leader of this group and apparently they are garnering some killer reviews. As a confirmed “old guy” I have to say I actually liked the music! It was very well done.

But the lyrics!

And then there was the first line in the first verse:

I must be getting old! What happened to the old days of parents having to deal with lyrics about sex and recreational drug use? Now they’re talking about hating everyone and killing, apparently.

Thoughts anyone? Or am I just overreacting to normal teen angst acted out in a song?

That doesn’t strike me as necessarily being about killing. Cutting someone down to size isn’t a violent thing.

I’m a weirdo, but I can’t imagine anybody saying this and intending it to be taken at face value.

I thought this was going to be a Peter Bagge thread or something.