Hating on Dark Knight Rises Reviewers

Apparently some reviewers didn’t like the new Batman movie. Imagine that! So commenters on the reviews got so insane at Rotten Tomatoes that the site shut don’t commenting.
My reaction - I thought every reviewer had a right to their opinion. But I’m also sick of insane trolls on anonymous message boards spouting vile hate. This instance is esp ridiculous since the trolls couldn’t have even seen the movie yet! This is carrying loyal fandom to the extreme - the sort of fanboys that are mocked and now for good reason.
Personally, the incoherence of the last Batman movie turned me off. And the face hugging mask on the new villain clinched my disinterest in the new one. Hate away!

There was one reviewer who started his review, “The Dark Knight is crap,” and continued to say, “Psych! It’s awesome, but look at the idiots in the comments who haven’t seen the movie and also didn’t bother to read this bit.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

Rotten Tomato ratings are a Big Deal to some people. Look at the hate piled on the guy who stopped Toy Story 3 getting a perfect score.

Seeing it tomorrow morning with egg McMuffin in hand (hash browns in the other). I’ll love it no matter what happens. Screw reviews in this case. I’m a fan, but the only thing that sucks is I go to work after. :smiley: