Haunted Chicago Tours?

I found this tour on Metromix with no reviews:

Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tours

It meets at Clark & Ohio.

Anybody do this tour and can give me a review? Any other recommendations?

I’m trying to find something to do with a pal from out of town that won’t end up going late into the night, so other activity recommendations are welcome (besides the usual museums, dinner, bars, navy pier, etc.). I don’t mind something touristy as long as it’s good.


Maybe go to a Blackhawks game?

I would cordially like to invite myself to be included in your plans.

Thanks much!


I guess nobody’s been on the haunted tour! monster, you’re welcome to join us…it’ll be Wed or Thurs this week, probably Thurs. In fact, the more, the merrier!

My ex-wife claimed to have seen Resurrection Mary. The graveyard is not far from where her father lives.

Of course, she also claimed a few other things that are best left for the pit.

Can’t do Thursday, Steve’s got a meeting. Tell the ghosts hello for me!