Have a listen to Paul McCartney's "New" song. What do you think?

The name of the song is “New,” hence the quotes.

I think it could grow on me. The man (legend) is 71 years old. He sounds pretty much the same as always. I’d like to hear the rest of the album.

71 though. Wow.


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Eh…just another silly love song… :smiley:
I think he sounds great, and that song is vintage Paul McCartney. In fact, if you had said “listen to this old Paul McCartney song, just discovered in a vault where it had been locked away for 40 years”…I would have had no problem believing you.

I wasn’t impressed. It lacked energy, drive, cleverness, and a lightness that I expect from a really good McCartney tune. Not bad, but he’s done lots better.


I thought the same thing: sounds like he wrote it 45 years ago or so and just locked it away in a vault.

I love it! Vintage Paul, something that could have been on the “White Album” with a little Brian Wilson harmony in for good measure.

“When we were new.” “You came along and made my life a song.” “We can do what we want; we can live as we choose.” “There’s no guarantee, we got nothing to lose.”

It’s a tribute to John and the Beatles in the exact same vein as George’s “When We Was Fab.

I like it. Yep, silly love song on surface, but autobiographical in reality.

Totally. How many songs these days have tambourine?

I was simply impressed by how good his voice still sounds, considering he’s a couple years older than my mom.

The video is blocked.

He’s striving for new frontiers in banality, it seems. :dubious:

I liked it, and I’d love to hear a whole album of tracks like this–stuff that could easily fit into a Beatles album.

Speaking of Sir Paul, I really hope his idea to perform the last concert at Candlestick becomes a reality.

Here it is on Paul McCartney’s YouTube channel (nice and legal) The other one was pirated.

Awesome logo too.

Typical Paul McCartney ditty bop.

Really sounds like a classic Beatles production with the horn arrangements. Nice. He really knows how to reord his voice. Sounds double tracked but not Autotuned.

Well, I should hope so. He’s got 50 years’ practice. :wink:

Ahem - He’s 3 years older than I am, and I sing better than ever.

The song sounds like it was composed by someone writing in the style of Paul McCartney.

Pretty much. My main complaint about the song is that it lacks a little “quirk” and character. It’s just too perfect and clean for my tastes–like Paul McCartney singing to a karaoke track. But I like the song overall.

Mmm, enjoyed this and I do think it’ll grow on me. From a single listen what hooks me, or intrigues me, are what appears to be unusual choices or changes in meter–I could be wrong about that and perhaps it’s just that he’s using vocal lyric lines that run into the next measure. But I’m getting almost a hemiola vibe. (Again: this is after a single listen, something I’m doing purposely. I wanted to write my first impressions down. Please don’t mock my bad musician’s ear after only one listen, and I’m looking at you, WordMan! :D) Another first impression is that it does sound like someone writing like McCartney – honestly if I didn’t hear the voice, just going on the melody/arrangement alone? I’d have said it was a Billy Joel song. And that ain’t no insult for either one, needless to say.

*Edited to add: Okay, 2nd listen: no, it’s not a meter change, though there’s a slight hesitation now and then that slows things down and makes the ear perk up. Like an optical illusion. And the triplet on “When we were new” also adds to the effect. *

Certainly frothy and light, but not everything can be Eleanor Rigby, For No One or Blackbird – and never will be again, let’s face it. Although I would say he came close with Jenny Wren from, um, I forget the album but it was from the mid-2000s I believe. But so it’s a love song. What’s wrong with that, I’d like to know? :slight_smile:

Plus, yes, the production is wonderful and he sounds terrific. I’m very happy that he’s going with Giles Martin as producer. The continuity of production talent in the Martin family pleases me immensely. (His work with his dad on Love was infuckingcredible.)

Off to listen again. I have the feeling this will make me happier the more I hear it.