Have all 50 states housed a sitcom?

Massachusetts (Islands): George and Leo Wings

My mistake, you’re right. I knew they were in the New York City suburbs, and I’ve taken that rail line into the city once or twice, but I forgot that it was New York side of the border.

Why is it I only find out people actually read my posts when they’re correcting me? [sub]cough Saltire cough[/sub]

This might help a little. It’s a site that has all the fictional addresses that they could track down for television shows.

Hmm, even better: a state-by-state listings of television show locations. Dunno how complete it is, I suspect not very.



Whoops! Gimme a break, it’s still early, and I just got in from a long weekend.

Some classic sitcoms, probably some that none of us have ever heard of, let alone seen, courtesy of Rick Mitz’ The Great TV Sitcom Book

Arizona - The New Dick Van Dyke Show (Carefree)
Colorado - Pistols ‘n’ Petticoats (Wretched)
Connecticut - Peter Loves Mary; The Lucy Show; The New Loretta Young Show; My World … And Welcome to It
Florida - I Dream of Jeannie (Cape Kennedy); Love Nest
Illinois - Life with Luigi (Chicago); The Chicago Teddy Bears (Chicago); The McLean Stevenson Show (Evanston); Mr. T. and Tina (Chicago)
Iowa - Nancy (Center City)
Kansas - The Phil Silvers Show/You’ll Never Get Rich (Fort Baxter); Paper Moon
Louisiana - Tammy
Maryland - No Time for Sergeants (Andrews Air Force Base); Hot l Baltimore (Baltimore); In the Beginning (Baltimore)
Massachusetts - Highcliffe Manor
Missouri - Apple Pie (Kansas City)
Nevada - Blansky’s Beauties (Las Vegas); Who’s Watching the Kids (Las Vegas)
New Hampshire - Willy (Renfrew)
New Jersey - We’ll Get By; Joe and Sons (Hoboken)
New Mexico - Guestward Ho! (dude ranch)
Ohio - That’s My Boy (Rossmore); It’s a Man’s World (Cordella)
Pennsylvania - The Roller Girls (Pittsburgh); Angie (Philadelphia)
Texas - The Texas Wheelers
Wisconsin - The Waverly Wonders (Waverly)

Washington, D.C. - The Farmer’s Daughter; Mr. Smith Goes to Washington; Temperatures Rising; That’s My Mama; Szysznyk; Grandpa Goes to Washington
Puerto Rico - The Flying Nun (San Juan)

Non-US locales (I thought there would just be one or two, but I didn’t even include the ones set on cruise ships or with people wandering around the world):
London, England - Dick and the Duchess; Fair Exchange; From a Bird’s Eye View
England - When Things Were Rotten
Paris, France - Don’t Call Me Charlie
France - Roll Out
Rome, Italy - To Rome with Love
Moscow, USSR - Ivan the Terrible
Germany - Hogan’s Heroes
Europe - Harry’s Girls
Korea - MAS*H
Siam - Anna and the King
South Pacific - Ensign O’Toole; Mr. Roberts; McHale’s Navy (later Italy); Gilligan’s Island; Broadside; Operation Petticoat
Toronto, Canada - The Trouble with Tracy
Vancouver, Canada - Sunshine

I truly can’t think of one for Kentucky.

There are already multiple items for Pennsylvania, but I’d like to add Grand to that list.

There was a shortlived one on WB set in Arizona called “Greetings from Tuscon”

The first season of “Double Trouble” was also set in Iowa, specifically Des Moines. I don’t remember “Nancy”, which saddens me that a TV show like that could have avoided my attention.

Arnold: “Whatchoo talking about Willis?”
Diff’rent Strokes

Fixed link.

My bad…New Yawk.

Hooterville was in Illinois. Chicago was mentioned alot as being the nearest big city on Green Acres and Petticoat Junction. Springfield was also mentioned as the name of the state capital.

The Simpsons, arguably.

Let’s “upgrade” Kansas with F-Troop.

Arg. Thanks!

I believe that Gilligan’s Island was located in the tail end of the Hawaiian archipelago.


Yeah, great, you found us, now come and get us!