Have any Dopers been in Atlanta's new football stadium?

I have a question about the video screen(s) in Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz stadium. The video system appears to be in a circular alcove in the roof, just below the moving panels that open to let in the Georgia sunshine. From my vantage point on TV, these screens appear to be in a very poor place for viewing by people in the seats. Because they are a ring inset into the roof, it looks to me that a person around midway up the stands would be blocked from viewing the screen by the back of the screens on their own side. People low in the stands would have to crane their necks to see anything at all.

So, what are the video screens like in person? Can people in the seats get a good view of them?

Do a google image search for “mercedes-benz stadium seat view”.
Even the highest up seats look like they get a view of some of the inside of the ring. Not a lot but still visible.