Have any of you Dopers ever bumped into each other in real life and knew it?

Dopefests don’t count. I mean, coincidental.

I run into FairyChatMom on a routine basis, we’re country neighbors. There are other Dopers in the area, but I’ve never met them.

Ran into a guy at a Santarchy event in Pittsburgh a few years back. I forget how we started talking about stuff. I was just a regular Santa, he was an Amish Santa with cigars.

I first met StGermain at a dopefest but I’ve bumped into her a few times while out shopping. We usually manage to chat for a few minutes! I’m going to disqualify meeting up with my sister Brynda for purposes of this thread.:smiley:

Marley23 and I were at the same Jeopardy! audition in NYC a few years back.

Did any of you make it? And how did you know it was him?

Neither of us have been called up yet. I have been in the contestant poll for about 16 of the past 24 years - one day the casting directors will need another overweight, middle-aged white guy and I’ll be golden!

I believe this was before **Marley23 **became a Mod, so he didn’t have the forehead tattoo yet. We recognized each other by the gang sign and the notches in our ears.

It wasn’t at a Dopefest, but Equipoise organized an event that I decided to attend. I got seated at the same table as Autolycus. After a little conversation, we discovered that we lived across the street from each other. Since then we’d run into each other every now and then, when we didn’t actually make plans to meet. The last time I saw him was at his viewing.

I will occasionally see freckafree here and there as we both exhibit at some of the same art shows.

jayjay and I were at the same Jeopardy! audition in DC a few years back, but we didn’t find out until we got home.

Someone (I can’t remember who) recognized my Straight Dope t-shirt in a grocery store a few years back. Does that count?

… I gotta get out more…

Wait, you can get The Straight Dope t-shirts?

I worked with Maus Magill’s wife. I knew her in real life and him on the SDMB. While posting in a thread about Charlotte we realized the she and I worked together. Not exactly the same thing, but close. Now we’re all friends IRL.

Last year I went to Boston and hung out with a friend of mine there, played a little D&D. When he introduced me to the regular players, one of them said, “Do you post on the Straight Dope?” Turns out he’s a lurker here and knew me well enough to make the connection somehow. Kinda blew my mind.

Over a decade ago, there was a Doper who was a former classmate of mine, who I recognized by the username he’d used elsewhere on the Internet. I never actually saw him in person after I saw him on the boards, though.

And way back when I became a moderator, someone left a congratulatory note on my desk, but I never did figure out who it was.

I’ve met lorene at a couple 'fests, and crossed paths once in a parking lot. Planned or not, always a pleasure.

And I can’t remember how we (you!) figured out the connection.

gardentraveler showed up in my booth one year at an art show in Columbus and asked if I was freckafree, and I can’t remember how she knew to look me up there.

I used to run into former poster Tuckerfan at the grocery store on occasion. We had met initially at a dopefest, but run into each other on an unplanned basis after that.

I run into the original xtisme all the time. :wink: