Have any TV weddings gone right?

It’s a massive cliche in television to have something (usually everything) go wrong during the course of a “wedding episode.” Even shows that are often cited as frequently avoiding typical TV cliches still have a wacky, hijinks-ensuing wedding.

Typical problems tend to include:
Someone not showing up (either intentionally or unintentionally, more often than not the groom.)
Someone deciding they love someone else
A friend/family member dying
Something wrong with the location, either another wedding or funeral in the church, it burns down, etc…
Something else wacky or crazy, like a “duel wedding,” or something.

So…have any weddings gone over just fine? The only one I can think of right now is George’s wedding from Seinfeld, but that didn’t even happen on-screen, did it?

Mark Greene had a hard time getting TO his wedding on time on ER, but the actual ceremony went fine.

I think Valerie Bertinelli’s character on *One Day at a Time *got married without especial difficulty.

Jim Kirk married a young couple on TOS, and the groom had the common courtesy not to die till later.

Didn’t happen at all. Susan died licking envelopes while stuffing wedding invitations b/c George used the cheaper envelopes with bad glue.

Never wear red shirts to a wedding, I always say.

That’s the really sad part. The poor schmuck worked in PHASER CONTROL – i.e. he was in Operations/Tactical, not Security or Engineering. Clearly his mother had warned him about the perils of the scarlet tunic, and still he died a virgin.

Oh yeah.

How interesting is it to watch a wedding where everything goes according to plan?

I remember a comedy called Hennesey about a Navy doctor. Over the course of the series he fell in love with his nurse. In the series finale they married with no great difficulty.

Of course that show was 46 years ago.

Technically, Niles and Daphne’s wedding on Frasier went off fine…as they’d eloped to Reno in the first five minutes of the season premiere. The complications came later, involving several re-weddings for the sake of other people who’d missed out on the first.

Dax and Worf’s actual ceremony went well, although there were some slight problems with the in-laws a night or two before.

Whenever we were watching a TV show or movie that had a “disaster wedding” at some point my wife and I would look at each other and say (often in unison). “We had such a dull wedding.”


Well, Tiny Tim married Miss Vicki on the Tonight Show on December 17, 1969. The wedding appears to have gone well, even though the relationship eventually didn’t. From the Wikipedia item on Tiny Tim:

Apart from a little chat with Carrie about whether marrying a guy who had yet to get it up was a good idea just before she walked down the aisle, Charlotte’s wedding in SOTC went fine.

There was a wedding on L.A. Law that went very well, except for a couple of underage guests getting drunk and rowdy. But it was a green-card marriage, so the wedding didn’t need obstacles to create tension; the tension came afterwards. Also, it was a good device, as formal gatherings often are, for showing a lot of character/plot development in one epsiode.

I was going to bring up this one as well. Her second wedding to Harry Goldenblatt doesn’t go so well (though the marriage itself is great), but the first wedding is picture perfect for the most part.

Miranda’s to Steve is nice and uneventful. They do it outside a church, I want to say? or some park? And it’s a very small ceremony, just close friends and family. It’s not really the focal point of the episode, but it does go off without a hitch.

I really hate to nitpick this but I’m going to anyway. Tomlinson didn’t wear a red shirt. His (and his fiance’s) were gold. Link. Maybe red would have helped in this case.

Reread my post. I KNOW he didn’t wear red; that’s the point. Clearly he decided that a married man had no business exposing himself to such sartorial peril, and still he died.

I’ll go away now.

Believe me or don’t, but I swear I’ve never seen one episode of “General Hospital,” but it was impossible not to at least have heard of Luke and Laura’s wedding. Is that a good example?

Didn’t the gay wedding in Roseanne go fine?