Have humans been raped by dolphins?

The last bit reminds me of this video:

Unsee Unsee Unsee Unsee Unsee Unsee Unsee

Skipping this Skipping this Skipping this…

What is wrong with you prudes? Kakapo love is beautiful.

That was hilarious(and it had Stephen Fry!). I’d advise other people not to be put off by the early posts.

OK, the shagged by a rare parrot video was interesting - “he’s really going for it!” - Fry

and here I learned something

as a child, my family once camped at a lake where there was a very sad duck whose bill had been ripped off when he was run over by a motorboat. a family living there saved him and, once he was healed, let him go to rejoin the other ducks. they wouldn’t have Stubby and beat the snot out of him whenever he got too close. eventually they broke one of his wings and, once again cared for by people, he healed and stopped trying to go back to the flock. but he was clearly sad about it.

so I’ve always known ducks can be mean. :frowning:

The photographer seems to be having a good time …

Well, someone has to …

Be careful where you swim.

For years, young Bud Ricks could never bring himself to tell his father what took place between him and Flipper that fateful day in the lagoon.

I keep thinking about all of these people who go to those vacation spots where you get to swim with dolphins. They may be getting a vacation they’ll never forget - even after years of extensive therapy.

Well, from the amount of giggling from the woman, I’d say this video lends new depth and dimension to the term “nose job”. Probably NSFW.

The parrot was going hammer and tongs, no foreplay required. Very funny to watch.

Lucky for the photographer the parrot went for the back of his head.:smiley:

Clothahump, I’m pretty sure that the “giggling” there is the dolphin, not the woman.

When I saw the video, my impression was it was the person holding the camera who was laughing, as people watching other people get humped by animals are wont to do.

Maybe … but he still went swimming with Flipper every single week!

Hank Hill was totally asking for it. (I know the quality sucks, but it was the only one I could find)

well,i bet that would be an interesting book

“Admit it, you’re not here for the fishing, are you?”

In Cecil’s article this week at http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/3172/has-a-human-ever-been-raped-by-a-dolphin , he writes:

Malcom Brenner was in e-mail contact with me some years back, about a totally different issue. He claimed that he was sexually abused when he was 4 years old by Dr. Albert A. Duvall, a follower of Wilhelm Reich.

From my own experiences with Dr. Duvall (detailed here: http://www.rogermwilcox.com/Reich/personal.html ), I knew Duvall was sadistic and a fear monger, but neither I nor my brother no anyone else I’d talked to had ever been sexually abused by him. Brenner told me that his memory from age 4 was a recovered memory that had been brought out in therapy later (in 1994). I told him I had to be skeptical, since recovered memories are notoriously unreliable and this was the first I’d ever heard of Duvall engaging in sexual abuse. He got extremely angry with me for daring to doubt the events as he told them, and after he also implied that he was a UFO believer we parted ways.

(Note: I’ve since heard of one other person who was sexually abused by Duvall, so his story might have merit. But still, I’m loath to trust the accuracy of “recovered” memories.)

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