Have I damaged my colon (TMI)

Recently, when taking a crap, I will experience great pain down there. This isn’t because I need more fiber, if you know what I mean (I know what that feels like). It only occurs when it is about to come out, i.e. when my sphincter is dilating. I never feel any pain besides in that instance. So, have I torn something? Will it go away? It is very unpleasant and it feels like my colon is going to fall out (it hasn’t so far).

Thanks (no, I’m not trolling, this is a serious concern)

Pain is usually a sign that something is amiss. If there are also signs of blood in or on the stool, it’s definitely not a good thing. It’s impossible to narrow down the precise cause, however, as it could be anything from precancerous growths to prostate problems to some slight constipation. Go see your doctor.

Could be nothing, could be something serious. If you’re this worried, get your butt to a doctor. (Pun intended.)

Could be CANCER!!! Or could be fairly benign rectal fissures

Could be a prolapsed rectum, an anal pimple or a little man with a pitchfork.

Rule of life: if it hurts, see a doctor. Especially good advice in Australia where visits to the doctor are free. :smiley:

And, of course, if you’ve been indulging in lots of hot, sweaty anal sex, you should probably avoid that for a bit.

[Chief Wiggums]Goodbye Splanky! Remember if your anus starts to bleed again it’s because you’re getting anal sex too much…or not enough![/CW]
Seriously, I saw the doc when I had my embarassing butt-thing a few months ago, now it’s your turn. If it feels like a body part is going to fall out, then you might to consult a professional. Just be sure the doctor keeps only one hand on your shoulder while doing the exam.