There I was sitting in a pool of blood (TMI)

Insomnia sucks, so here’s a tale of a few days ago. I think it may even be my first TMI thread.

A few days ago, in the morning, before dressing, I was at my PC - the SDMB was even one of the open sites. Gradually, I began to feel uncomfortable. I put my hand in my lap and felt moisture, I looked and there was blood over my legs, my groin, my chair… everywhere. :eek: And the pool was growing. :eek: :eek: A quick trip to clean up in the bathroom, and I find that the blood is coming out of my scrotum! There’s no cut, it’s coming out of a small hole. :eek: Fortunately it’s seeping, not pumping.

So I apply a compress in the form of a towel, and hold it there for half an hour or so. I return to the PC to distract myself. One-handed surfing indeed!

Here’s a thought - have a doctor look at your punctured and bleeding scrotum? Pretty sure it’s not supposed to have holes in it!

Were you feeling all puffy and moody, did you feel like just lying down, eating some Ben & Jerrys, and watching the “Gibson Girls”? If so then you’ve got menstruating penis.

When I was about 10 years old, I found out that:

  1. My neighbors’ cat likes to sleep in people’s laps.

  2. Sneezing scares the cat.

Scared lap cats are a bad thing. They use their claws for a quick getaway.

When you get back from the ER please let us know what it was.

No more posting until you get to a doctor. Shoo!

If it’s what I think it is, Its not going to go away. Get that ass of yours to a doctor now.

I love that show! They’re so spunky…

AHHH! It’s attached itself to my cursor! Get it off!! Get it off!! :eek:

Do you shave your junk? If so, you could have given yourself a tiny cut and not even felt or noticed it until it started bleeding. I don’t shave but I occasionally trim, and I have done that before.

See what happens when you don’t check your junk before zipping up?

When the cold outside makes you want to wizz
Go for the rest room at the local biz
Zip it on down and just let let it all go
But check your junk before you zip and go
Bandage up my seepin’ bag
Bandage up my seepin’ bag


First go = flow.

It was a few days ago, and the bleeding had stopped after half an hour or so. All has been well since.

Well…what was it?

No no… As in, “Go see a freakin doctor.” It doesn’t matter if it stopped. See the freakin doctor. He’s seen thousands, one more isnt going to phase him one way or the other.

Well you could go see a doctor, or you could ask someone to kiss it and make it better.

(P.S. go see a doctor. Then get someone to kiss it.)

Depending on the doctor, he could get both done in one sitting.

Man, what’s with all this doctor talk? As long as a nut didn’t drop out that hole, why bother some guy with a bloody, scraggly old bean bag. Pour some whiskey on it and walk it off.

Umm, why should I see a doctor? I probably nicked it with a fingernail sometime earlier. It looks perfectly healthy.

You said:

A nick of the fingernail sounds doubtful. You don’t think a random hole in your sack warrants a doctor?

If you nicked your scrotum with your fingernail with enough force to spill a pool of blood, I daresay you’d have remembered it.

'Fess up. What were you diddling around with? We promise we won’t tell.