There I was sitting in a pool of blood (TMI)

Seriously, dude, don’t make us drag Qadgop in here. Get to a doctor, stat.

Yeah, if I were a man, I’d be at least a little concerned if a small hole suddenly appeared in my scrotum and I didn’t have any idea how it got there. I’d be doubly concerned about the bleeding. The bleeding may have stopped but that doesn’t necessarily mean all’s well. Get thee to a doc and get your boys checked out.

I would have thought that seeing a doctor if your scrot was bleeding for no reason was sort of a no-brainer…

If it happens again, I will.

You’re such a BOY!

Septima hinted (“If that’s what I think it is…”) that this could be something serious. He didn’t say what something serious, though. Septima, perhaps you should email Quartz and tell him what it is he should be anxious about.

No, definitely don’t see a doctor. Wait until it fills with blood, since it can hold about half your blood volume, before it ruptures. It would hang down to about your knees. So, wait, it’ll be fun! :smiley:

Oh for God’s sake. Quit being such a weenie and GO TO THE DOCTOR! If not for yourself, for our own curiousity. You owe us that much. You posted it, now you have to tell us how the story ends. “It stopped on its own” is not a good ending. We need resolution, man!

And pictures.

I, for one, can do without. Thanks.

Speak for yourself. I really don’t need to see Holey Scrotums.

What about Holy Scrotums?

Is the hair on his bits growing in the shape of the Virgin Mary?

I wonder how much that would sell for on e-bay…

Assuming one would want to part with one’s scrotum for money…how about it, Quartz? How much would someone have to pay to get you to lop them off, assuming, of course, you do have a Holy Scrotum and not just a Holey Scrotum?

It aint holey no more ma’am. But despite not having ever had their product put to the test, I won’t part with them. They’re not known as jewels for nothing.

Best ZZ Top parody ever.

I love Dopers, if only for the way that this thread degenerated (I say that with love) into an absolute gigglefest (for me at least).


See a doctor!

But what if the hair really did start to grow in the image of the Virgin Mary. Would people want to come and look at your balls? Would you be forced to put the boys on display for the devout among us? How would the pope react? Will your Scrotal Virgin Mary (band name!) actually weep? Tears or blood?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Holy Scrotum.

Yo, Red-Sack the Pirate…! Go see a Dr…!

“Twas bleedin all over me seat, see? Arrrrrrrrr…!”