Have John Lennon's brothers ever been in the news?

Reading an article about John Lennon today in which his disappearing/reappearing father (Alfred, called Alf, sometimes Freddie) was mentioned, I remembered that his father had children by a ridiculously young girl he married after John became famous. Some googling: her name was Pauline Jones and she married him when she was 19 and he was 57 and their children were David Henry (b. 1969) and Robin Francis (b. 1973). I can’t find any info about the half-brothers other than their birth: out of curiosity, does anybody know whatever became of them?

I know that his maternal half-sisters (whom he had a slight relationship with) have given interviews and written books about him, but I was curious as to whether his half-brothers (who I don’t believe he ever met) ever attempted to cash in. (Actually, a book by them could be interesting- growing up so closely connected to a world famous gazillionaire yet at the same time not connected at all, an old reprobate of a dad and a mother who was a third his age and higher-born socially but who strangely loved him [she wouldn’t let John pay for his funeral]).

Anyway, anybody know whatever became of them?

According to this page, “John never met his two half-brothers (his father’s sons) who were easily young enough to be John’s sons. John apparently never knew [half-sister] Victoria either; she was reportedly adopted by a Norwegian Captain and his family.”

Although a poster to this Beatles message board says that John met his half brother David once.

The family tree at the official website of the Liverpool Lennons.

I don’t find a David Henry Lennon or David H. Lennon, or a Robin Lennon, listed in the England and Wales Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1984-2003.

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