Have scandal monger lies begun to pay off?

I see CNN refers to the so-called scandals as controversies.

But I would like to know what Obama has done this past month that produced a drop in trust by the public and what he has done that makes anyone think he is less honest than before?


Well, there was the IRS thing, followed by the NSA thing. That seems to be the most obvious answer.

Isn’t one thread of semantic nonsense about “scandals” enough?

Semantics is a good thing. Its misuse (such as by the OP here) is not.

Yes it’s working. People are sheep and the GOP has an effective strategy.

Maybe in this thread, as something different, we could argue about the meanings of ‘scandal monger’ and ‘lies’, as well as ‘pay off’. Wouldn’t want this subject to get stale or anything.

I skimmed through the article but it doesn’t get very specific about the breakdown as far as I could tell. My WAG is that the real change has been in independents and democrats, who see the NSA thing in particular as a betrayal. They thought that with Bush gone, there would be real, substantial changes to all of that kind of thing, but Obama has kept a lot of the things Bush et al did in place and ticking away, and that’s not making a lot of more left leaning folks very happy atm…and it’s reflected in the polls. That’s my WAG anyway. I don’t think it’s ‘scandal mongers lies’ beginning to ‘pay off’, it’s the lefties becoming increasingly disillusioned by a president who is, after all, a moderate for all that the right wing has attempted to portray him as a communist/socialist.

If this keeps up, I think there’s a real chance Obama could lose the 2016 election.

Seriously, though, this is the answer. Obama’s been in office long enough that the bloom is off the rose, he’s being treated as a politician and not an ideal.

This phenomenon has nothing to do with any notions of “Obamessiah” or anything like that, it happens to almost every president. Gallup has approval ratings by term for every president since Truman. For the two-termers, comparing average of first term to average of second term:

Truman’s dropped by 19.1%.
Eisenhower’s dropped by 9.1%.
Johnson’s dropped by 23.9%.
Nixon’s dropped by 21.4%.
Reagan’s rose by 5%.
Clinton’s rose by 11%.
Bush’s dropped by 25.7%.

Conclusion: it’d be unusual for Obama not to suffer a decline in popularity in his second term. Also, Reagan and Clinton are sorely missed.

HA: Excellent post with actual data. Let’s see what the OP brings to the table.

I didn’t see any attempt by the OP to defend his thesis, which I assume is in the title of this thread.

I asked about lies about those ‘things’ by RWers like Rep Daryl Issa who released partial testimony that insinuated the targeting came from DC, but withheld the testimony that a Republican Manager in Cinci had admitted that he started the mistake all on his own with one underling.

Issa lied by omission with an intent to mislead the public.

I have not seen any evidence that Obama has lied it has been dishonest about any of these controversies.

. . . . “Begun”?

Meh. My personal view of him has soured slightly over the past month. Does that count?

Yes. What did you expect the payoff to be, instant collapse of the administration?

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I’d have to say that the odds of Obama being re-elected are pretty slim at this point, but perhaps he’s still got an outside chance…

Mind you, Congress is still clocking in at a 10% approval rating so it’s not like it’s just Obama that’s getting hit at the moment.

Well their made up scandals never seemed to help them before, it actually made the real scandals be taken less seriously.

I agree - while the proportion of right-wingers that view Obama as shifty may not have changed, the positive view held by left-wingers has likely been altered by issues like drone strikes, Guantanamo non-closure and the NSA surveillance scandal :D, reflecting behavior they’d expect from GWB but feel betrayed by coming from Obama.

Why not?