Have searches changed? Searching on 2 letter words

I know there has been problems with searches interupting the board performance. I noticed this and wondered if it could be contributing.

It used to be, when I did my semi-annual vanity search on “Tastes of Chocolate”, the words “Tastes” and “Chocolate” would be highlighted in fancy red letters. No red coloring for “of”.

I just ran my spring search, and every “of” was a cheerful red, in addition to the usual “Tastes” and “Chocolate”. Are 2 letter words now being searched on?

Ran a search for “of.” Here’s what I got:

Did you search with or without quotes? When I search for Tastes of Chocolate (without quotes) the “of” gets ignored. But if I search for “Tastes of Chocolate” the entire phrase is used, including the “of”.

I think the search itself is only performed on valid words, but the highlighting includes all terms in the search string, so ‘of’ only coincidentally appeared in your search results, but because it was there, it was lit up red.

This statement is at odds with the post directly above, unless you intend to mean a string of words that are enclosed in quotes.

I searched on “Tastes of Chocolate” in quotes. In the past, only occurances of “Tastes” and “Chocolate” would be in red. This was the first time that all of the "of"s were highlighted.

Mhh. just noticed this. The search is now searching INSIDE of quote boxes. It’s back? Yeah!!!

I just tested it and it doesn’t seem to do it anymore - But I’m sure it used to be the case that the search engine would omit invalid search words (from an unquoted set of search terms) from the search process itself, but that the whole set of search terms - including those deemed invalid by the search engine would be passed through into the highlighting code in the URLs for returned search results.