Question about search capabilities on this board

First, I’m probably gonna feel like a total idiot as I’ve been on this board for a few years now, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to narrow down my searches in the keyword(s) box. And there doesn’t seem to be a help file on this topic.

Basically, does the search function support “AND” or “+” or “NEAR” or quoting a phrase etc. in the keyword(s) box, so I can not have sixty bazillion responses to a two- or more word search?

I know one of the mods or admins posted something about this, but a search didn’t turn it up. :slight_smile:

The search facility is very limited.

Quick experiments seem to show AND is assumed, and OR can be used. The only other search thing I know about you may also know: a search term of “xyz*” will find all words beginning with “xyz”.

I suggest to the admins/mods that everything known about the search operators should be added to the sticky thread “Sticky: FAQ - technical issues - please read this BEFORE posting a question”.