Have the rest of you heard M.I.A.'s music yet?

About a month and a half ago I saw a new artist on Shockwave/Atomfilms music video section, and at first couldn’t make heads or tails of the video titled “Galang”. So, I did a search for the artist’s lyrics, and found this site, which explained a lot about the artist. I re-listened to her work, and am hooked. Check out her video “Sunshowers” which can be found onLaunch, as well as “Galang”. I think “Sunshowers” has become my favorite. Hope some of you enjoy her music too.

Yes, I love her first album (Arular).

10$ gets stuck in my head regularly, Galang and Sunshowers a little less often. I prefer the longer album version of Galang to the video version - although the video itself is great

I do wish I was better able to understand her accent, though. I think it sounds great, but it takes quite a few listens to figure out what she’s saying half the time. Hombre I had to look up the lyrics on her site.

And she’s pretty attractive, too.

… They (She? I thought they were band not a solo act) are pretty cool. KEXP in Seattle is playing them a lot. They did an instudio performance that I amn sure is archived by now.
That style… the name escapes me… of music is considered to be the next niche “big” thing. There’s already some more mainstream acts doing watered down versions. Gwen Stefani has some MIA influenced stuff on her last albulm.


Her official site has a biography and pictures. (Warning…Flash out the wazoo.)

I’ve heard M.I.A. That music is not my thing. Oddly, though, she reminds me of Le Tigre that I do like somewhat.

Here is her page on her record company’s site. X L recordings

At first I didn’t like it, but a friend of mine who is a music critic (and who is my editor when I write the occasional music review) said I should give it another chance. He reviewed the record and said it reminded him of Public Enemy’s Nation of Millions (which was just named the second best album of the last 20 years by Spin). I’m coming around to it; it’s catchy, that’s for sure. But I don’t know about the Nation of Millions thing.

M.I.A. is one person, a woman who was born in Sri Lanka and grew up there and in London. Her father was a Tamil Tiger guerilla whose nom de guerre was Arular–thus the name of her record.

Push You Down, the style of music you’re thinking of is “dancehall”, a Jamacian variant of rap that is extremely popular there but has had a rough time breaking through in England and the U.S. because of its association with violent homophobia. And you’re just not going to be able to play a song with homophobic lyrics in a dance club in New York City. M.I.A. is not, strictly speaking, dancehall, but she’s clearly been listening to a lot of it.

Oh and just to be totally clear, M.I.A. is NOT in any sense homophobic in her lyrical content. Dancehall rappers like Buju Banton and Beenie Man are the most-cited culprits in that respect.

vibrotronica, her music reminds me of more traditional tribal music from various places, which dancehall borrows from. That’s how it sounds to me at least, and there are types of house/dance music that have a dancehall flair that aren’t homophobic, right? It’s got a reggae feel too, and the melody of “Sunshowers” is almost soul. She seems to me, to be speaking the truth about what people do when “at war”, and unflinchingly looking at it, while saying there is hope for the living too. Maybe she’s taking the “dancehall” sound, and using it ironically too, turning it around and using it to speak out against violence in the name of discrimination? On preveiw: I see you agree with me. :slight_smile:

Nitpick: Born in London, family moved back to Sri Lanka while she was an infant, and she, her mother, and siblings also lived in India, for a time.

(See the biography on the page I linked.)

Clarifying: The vocal riff/hook (don’t know what the proper term would be here) of “Sunshowers” is almost soul. It’s got a flair somewhat similiar toPan’jabi MC with the beats to me, mixed with reggae and a bit of Calypso.

From the reviews i was expecting something fresher but sounds too much like other UK garage/grime MCs for my liking. 10 Dollar (?) ain’t bad though.

Actually, that’s not the term I was looking for. There’s a new term for her kind of music that is a combination of dancehall, indian and latino techno… And it’s killing me that I can’t remember it. NPR did a story on the “Hot” songs for summer that explained the roots of this.
And off topic… You can’t trust Spin magazine’s list for anything. Sure the P.E. albulm was important… but didn’t it also say OK Computer was the best albulm? That’s BS right there.

Got to see her at Coachella. She kicked ass. The crowd even asked for an encore which is pretty rare for a non-headliner at the festival.