Have you been delerious?

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The summer before I turned 13 I came down with the worst fever I ever had, lasting over 24 hours. I lay in bed all day and as my brain was boiling it turned delirious.

The rumples on my bedsheets turned into rolling terrain. My pillow turned into a big hill. Upon this terrain two armies were fighting a mighty battle. Horses galloping down the hill, attacking other warriors, shouting, clashing of weapons, pain, death, violence, mayhem all around me, in my face. I was powerless to move or avoid it. It was not fun, it was beyond uncomfortable, it was one of the most miserable afternoons I ever sweated through.

Thanks for asking.

I had an experience similar to Jomo Mojo’s.

I got Scarlet Fever as a young child and ran some pretty outrageous tempertures. During the worst of the worst I hallucinated that gigantic animated wasps were buzzing around my room and repeatedly stinging me ( and yes, I was in pretty horrible pain ). Not at all pleasant. In fact probably the most terrified and frantic I have ever been or likely ever will be.

I also once had a more mild case after getting sun-poisoning in Florida. Again with the fevers and pain ( this time partially from sunburn ), but the hallucinations were a bit more neutral. Slowly dissolving and then reforming window blinds are my best recollection of that one.

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I had a pretty high fever at one point (I think I was about 12) when I got delirious. I had been asleep in my room and my mom thought I was okay…until I walked into the kitchen half naked.

I then proceeded to find a paper bag and hold it in front me, went and got my brother’s cockatiel out of its cage and stood in front of our big picture window holding the cockatiel and paper bag while staring at a bright light outside (which may or may not have been there). I have no memory of how my mom reacted, but I remember being very confused as to why they were looking at me funny…

Yeah, I was delirious a couple of months ago. High fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, delirium. I was unable to find my bedroom, told my husband that I had broken my foot, told him that I was a Martian, told him even more improbable things (which I am NEVER going to live down), was unable to remember to eat or take my medicine…all KINDS of fun stuff. I was in a lot of pain.

I discussed this with my doctor, later, and we decided that since my husband and daughter will not give me shots (I’m an insulin dependent diabetic), that someone MUST check me into the hospital if this happens again. I vaguely remember drinking Sprite (regular, not diet) during this time, but I could not have focused on the syringe markings, even if my hands had been steady enough to draw up insulin.

I usually get delirious if I run a high enough fever.

In 6th grade I had a very high fever and was delirious. It was so serious that a doctor actually made a house call. I don’t remember any pain though, strange as that sounds, just being very hot and frantic.