Have You Been Delusional?

what was it like?

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Define “delusional”, please?

honestly curious

i do not mean depression or anxiety.

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About the time I went through puberty, I was pretty sure for a while that I was in an artificial environment, and I was being observed by (I didn’t know who) while they threw new troubles and humiliation at me every day. I felt hugely resentful about it. This was long before The Truman Show, by the way. I don’t remember why I stopped thinking that way, but the illusion didn’t last long.

As a former psych nurse I have seen plenty of delusional people and would have thought that it was impossible for the average person to be truly delusional except for one experience.

One morning I woke up from a really, really realistic dream in which I was a master criminal on the run from the law. As I got dressed and had breakfast my thoughts were consumed with what I would do when the police came around. When the thought popped into my head “they’ll never take me alive” I suddenly realised that my whole demeanour was based on a dream - no one was after me at all, I was just an ordinary suburban guy. It was very very unsettling and I can still recall feeling like the criminal - it seemed 100% real.

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Kinda. I’ve been diagnosed as bipolar, was on meds for a short while, finally decided that the drugs were making things worse, stopped taking them, found a counseler who actually helped, and am more or less fine now.

I haven’t been delusional in the visual/aural/other sensory hallucinatory sense. I have, once or twice, been in an extreme manic state: not sleeping (or feeling like I needed to) for days at a time, feeling like I could literally take on anyone, anything, anytime. Basically, insane. It only lasted about a week at a time; then I’d swing so far the opposite way into an incredible depression (which always lasted longer). But, yeah, once I was utterly convinced that I simply didn’t need to sleep, or really eat, and basically that I was one of the most genius people on the face of the Earth, ever.

I’ve also, on rare occasions, had such incredibly vivid flashbacks to a certain incident that I’m convinced I’m there. Which can be a bitch to later explain why I just totally freaked out.

When you’re talking about mental illness, delusions and hallucinations are two very different things. Hallucinations are false sensory phenomena–hearing voices from the sky, seeing thumbs crawl up the walls, and the like–and are the more widely known symptom. Delusions are irrational beliefs, like “I am the king of Asia” or “the CIA is out to get me because of what I know about the aliens”.

One particularly bizarre delusion I remember reading about was a guy who believed that a movie was running in theaters around the nation dealing with his homosexual experiences, and that the profits were going to fund the IRA. He was quite distressed about this.

I was delusional from fatigue and sunburn/stroke once. I was cross-country skiing around Brainard lake in Colorado’s Front Range on a fine spring day. I was returning to my car and had a choice between two valleys to go down. Despite the sign pointing to where I wanted to go, I was convinced beyond a doubt that the other valley was the correct way. So I took the wrong way and a mile or so realized the error of my ways and eventually made it back to my car. I have no idea why I was so convinced that the signed way was the wrong way. Boy was I burnt.

When I was 12/13 (and going through puberty), I was convinced that God was talking to me.

You know how when you get a song stuck in your head. You “hear” it over and over again, kind of internally? It was like that, only I was hearing the voice of God telling me to do things. Mundane stuff, really, like: put a shirt on a different hanger, sleep on a different pillow, etc. It lasted about four months.

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I kind of believe in the Direction Voices. Although it’s not so much a voice as a feeling. See, when you’re driving, if you pay attention, a feeling of certainty will tell you when it’s not okay to take route x instead of route y, so you don’t get in trouble. I know that there isn’t really anything telling me which way to go, but…I tend to agree with these gut instincts anyway. Especially since the one time I didn’t listen and went to a store the feelings told me not to my car blew its steering hosing leaving the parking lot- cars that have power steering are very hard to steer when they suddenly don’t. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s ESP, but it doesn’t really hurt anything to change my directions accordingly, so :dubious:

I had a friend who was delusional once. He’s name was Gilbert but he preferred to be called Rameses Niblick the 3rd, Kerplunk, Keplunk whoops wheres my thribble

I’ve been delusional, but it was always drug induced.
Like this one time, I thought that my cashier job at the ol’ neighboorhood walmart was actually just a cover for the REAL money making in Yellowknife(where I lived)…seal meat selling. That was acid.

Another time, on anothe drug that I can’t even vaguely remember what it was or how much I had, I just KNEW that, eventually, I was going to have to give up the charade and accept that yes, I was part of the fairy world(as in, you know, faerie, leprechuans, etc) and that jsut because I didn’t have wings didn’t mean I wasn’t a fairy too.

The list could go on… the scariest one though was when I thought that If I cut my hair off( I was getting a haircut the next day) then all my intellect and literacy would be shorn along with my split ends.

Drugs are [fill in blank]