Have you been tortured?

Could you provide the details. Was it for political dissent? In what country?

Not for real, but in survival school for the Navy, they put us through some pretty realistic scenarios. Unfortunately, the training is classified, so I can’t talk about any of it. But I will say that to this day, it’s one of the most powerful and memorable experiences of my life.

I’ve forced myself to let girlfriends twist my nipples to their content. I hate having my nipples fondled. I usually can’t last morethan five minutes.

She didn’t even ask any questions…

Does seven years of Catholic school count? If not, then no.

I was once forced to listen to Englebert Humperdink…

Oh wait, I think I’m in the wrong thread.

No you’re not…:wink:

lemme think - how many sleepovers did I let my daughter have over the years…?

Closest I’ve come is when I was 16 and was arrested for working with Earth First!. I hadn’t slept for two days, and when the cops brought me in, I refused to give out any personal information (including my age, which really, and reasonably, irked them).

So they kept me in the basement of the jail for about two hours playing a succession of good cop, bad cop. One guy told me that I’d be raped if I went into the main cells, described the bloody underwear of another prisoner, and leered at me as he did so.

My favorite, though, was Pudgy Rookie. Knowing how tired I was, he kept opening and shutting the door to his patrol car loudly and for no reason. Then he got out a bag of potato chips and, staring at me, started eating them very loudly and crunchily.

I burst into giggles, and he stopped with that approach.

So, I guess, no. Never been tortured.

My brother used to be constantly on the police shit list, with good reason I’m ashamed to say though. The problem was that they thought my family was just a bad family which is kind of ridiculous given the reality. Anyway, they were certain I must be even worse precisely because they’d never caught me at anything. I was obviously some kind of criminal mastermind. In fact, I was just a fitness obsessed, teacher’s pet.

Anyway, they picked me up outside the gym one night and suggested we go for a ride in the divy van. They asked me to sit in the back as there was no room in the front which I complied with because I was possibly a little more compliant in my younger years than I am now. Then, without any pretence at taking me back to the station, they drove me around out in the bush for three hours, taking wild turns and violently accelerating and braking whilst laughing their arses off. In the back, there are no seatbelts or any way to restrain yourself, especially with cuffs on. Then they got out, took the cuffs off, said, “Huh! Smartarse”, and left me ten km from the nearest train station, fifty from home and covered in bruises and small cuts.

A couple of months later, they grabbed my brother, took him back to the station, gave him a hiding and then told him to sign a statement to say he was was treated properly. He refused and the beating continued. Eventually, they got tired of it before he did and stripped him to his jocks. Drenched him with water and threw him in a cell with a cold, wet blanket. Then they turned some huge fans on him and came back every 15 minutes or so. He gave in after another hour or so.

I think this tactic might be in some unofficial Victoria Police handbook. The same tactic was used on a guy I went to uni with when they tried to dig him out of a hole in the ground when he and his greenie mates were ocupying a logging site.

To this day, I have no real problem with the police, at least in my country, but if the three little bastards that tormented us were to make the headlines as murder or car accident victims, I’d be cool with that too. BTW, my brother admitted to me that he had almost everything that had happened coming to him. Such a shock to see what becoming upstanding has done to his attitudes.