Have you cooked in a mining camp?

Hi gang. Happy weekend to all, glad you survived St. Pat’s day, again.
On to my question; I may have the opportunity to take a job as a camp cook at an
mining camp. It would be for 12 people (or so). Anyone have experiance in either a mining (or, I figure oil camps to be very similar) camps? I understand that these jobs are usually a ways from civilization. Tell me more.


I’ve cooked in similar situations. Except feeding 100-300 people. What specifically did you want to know about it?

And I’ve been involved with feeding the unwashed masses at Ren Faire. (usually around 50 people) Perhaps not quite as far from the world as a mining or oil drilling camp, but still an hour away from any food other than gas station Slim Jims.

I suspect Rule Number One can be summed up in one word: COFFEE

Yes, make sure the coffee is ready by 6am at the latest. And they don’t like it when you switch it to decaf for your own amusement.

Ok…here’s what I’m curious about. I don’t understand why this company is paying what i consider a rather handsome sum to cook for 12 people in what basically ends up being one meal a day (dinner). Breakfast is usually just cereal and toast (coffee…should I learn how to make this?) Bag lunches…no prob …and dinner. I can cook, for 12, no prob. The person (owner) tells me they have a real problem getting cooks. I have heard this of the oil buisness, too, so…?..
The location is in the GREAT white north …North of 60…North…
Job only runs 6 monthes (summer)…I realize it’s a live- in- thing, and you’re gonna get to know everyone REAL well… Room and board is included…There must be a downside… :dubious:

While I haven’t done this I do live north of 60 and I have had friends work in camps. The reason the pay is so good is the isolation, they were usually at camps for weeks at a time. They were also literally in the middle of nowhere and the only way in or out was float plane. Summer for us is usally 3 months so 6 months seems strange. I don’t believe they ever said the actual work was all that hard but the hours, you do work 7 days a week from morning to night.

Billy, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

I doubt that it will be anything but superficially similar to a Turkish prison (which I loved BTW). You can bet there will be plenty of opportunity to see grown men naked however.