Have you discovered eduworldmap.com?

I am addicted to this! A lot of my free time is being spent trying to improve my last score.

To play click on: “run the test” bottom left hand corner and then check which areas of the world you want to test your knowledge in.

I have most countries down - except in Africa - still working on getting 100% on those. Then, I’m going to work on capital cities, bays and gulfs, islands, seas and the rest. Fun fun!

Is this gonna be another cookie clicker type addiction? Please kill me if it is…Though trivia seems more fun than mindlessly watching numbers increase.

Nope. Not at all. It’s a great resource for learning Geography.

Have you played GeoGuessr? It’s a different sort of game, but you also learn about the world. Try it:

Yes I have, and I love it! A colleague just turned me on to it. Challenging and fun.

I found an error the first time I played it.

What was it?

I did NA cities and large cities and it placed a flag in the San Francisco Bay area, the four choices were obviously not what was chosen and what was considered correct was “San Antonio”.

… Imagine my surprise… :wink:

I did U.S. capitals yesterday and there were parts where you had to zoom in in order to see what state is was pointing to. I haven’t tried large cities yet. I’ve mainly been concentrating on Asian and African countries and capitals just to get them all down. I don’t have a need to choose South or North America or Europe. I know where everything is there.

What you found was definitely an error. I’m going to try it, to see if it happens again…

You are absolutely right! I just got the same one. The choices for a flag placed in the Bay area were: San Antonio, Tegucigalpa, Fort Worth and Havana. :smack:

I’ll report it. Also, trying to figure out the capital when a flag is placed on one of the tiny islands in the Caribbean is just about impossible even with process of elimination.

That’s the same error I found. I checked and there is an area named San Antonio in the Bay Area. But it’s not the San Antonio which is one of the largest cities in North America. Apparently the people who wrote the test got San Antonio, California mixed up with San Antonio, Texas.

Well dammit, now I’m wondering if there are errors in other parts of the world that wouldn’t be so obvious. I’m going to try straits.

I’ve already found 3-4 like that. I’ve seen a couple of Canadian cities end up in Mexico. It also tried to tell me Tijuana was in the US. It also got stuck between maps. Not exactly the best game I’ve seen.

Well that’s too bad. I haven’t found any mistakes when it comes to countries. Thanks for checking it out and pointing out the errors. Perhaps not such a good resource after all, eh?

I recently searched the board for that but couldn’t remember the name. Thanks!