Have you ever been in a fight?

So not to hijack this thread You want to kick MY ass

I got pushed to the curb once when I was in third grade.

And I was picked on once in 8th grade.

I’m 48 years old now, and will see 49. I am also proud to have just voted for Barack Obama, but I am also pro gun rights.

I believe that a good person avoids confrontation in day to day life. I’ve gone 48 years without ever getting into a fight.

I’ve never hit or pushed another person. As an adult I’ve never been hit or have wanted to hit anyone.

Is that odd?

I’ve never been in a fight. How about you?

I haven’t actually hit anybody in 20 years…have had someone step between me and another guy about two-three times since then. From age 5-23, I saw my share of fights. Won some, lost some.

Sure, I’ve been in fights, although not for a long time now. I’m trying to remember when the last one was; I think it was when I was 22. (I’m 53 now.) ::shrug:: There were more in elementary school than later. As I got older I tried to avoid them more, since I was becoming more aware that I might really hurt someone or get hurt badly myself. Thus, the later fights (late teens, early 20’s) were all responses to being attacked, like the one when a coworker jumped me.

I got beat up a lot in middle school, then didn’t fight at all until I was about 38. I was in a bar playing darts with a friend when this drunken bitch who didn’t much care for me came up and got in my face. I just shrugged it off - she kept it up. I kept ignoring her until she spit in my face.

I blacked both her eyes.

I was at a backyard party one summer (I was about 40 I think). One of the young guys there was acting a fool and decided to go across the street and jump on a man who lived over there. The man’s young son came to the door and screamed for someone to come help. For some reason I went over there and jumped on the young guy and began to hit him in the back of the neck. He said “stop whuppin me!” and I said “I ain’t got started, yet!”. He turned loose of the old guy and ran away.


Hmm… from the OP.

The only fights I’ve been in are breaking up dog fights. It’s quite easy.

I don’t even think about, just slide in and start yelling. Make the dogs worry about the Godzilla that just came into the room. It really works well. I have scared the hell out of my guests and guests dog when I do this though.

But somebody has to do something to break up the dogs.

Well did this. Twice. Big Labrador Retrievers. Ya just got to wade right in and be the biggest baddest thing in the room.

No dog ever touched me. They are sweet hearts. I scared them so much that they forgot about their fight. Works pretty good.

As a man born in 1960, I guess it’s a bit odd that I’ve never been in a ‘fight’. That’s a good thing.

And no, I’m not looking for a fight.

I fought a lot in school - I was usually the smallest guy in class and learned to respond to any abuse by getting as many licks in as quick and as hard as I could - got knocked around quite a bit but it was either that or put up with constant shit. Even if they “won,” bully types would quickly decide it wasn’t worth a split lip and would pick another target. It took me a while to get out of that habit, once out of school.

Last year I had a bit of shoving with the knuckle-dragging troglodyte douchebag next door - something that came out of him angrily honking his horn outside to encourage his wife to come out of the house and get in the car – long blasts, for almost fifteen minutes. He was already spitting mad, and when I went outside to tell him to use the fucking doorbell or a more discreet means of communication like a cell phone, he exploded.

He got out of the car, we had words, and he shoved me. I think he expected me to back down (he was bigger than me, but older and I think I could have put him down.) I stood firm and balled my fists, ready for him to punch - but he got back in his car, rolled up the windows, and locked the doors. (My wife insists I shoved him back.)

That’s the closest thing to a fight I’ve been in since I was in my early twenties – I generally reign in my temper pretty well. My wife was furious with me for even that. I guess I need to learn to tolerate assholes a little better. To be honest, I expected to find an idiot teenager out there.

I was a cop in the mid-70s. Had a fair number of people who didn’t want to go to the pokey and had to be persuaded otherwise.

Nothing serious since then.

I got into a fight with my best friend in Grade 3. In September, I was transferring schools and there were only 2 weeks left before the end of the year so he was pretty pissed off at me. We were playing soccer at lunch, something happened, and he sort of came at me from the side. I remember that there was lots of wrestling and grabbing but I don’t think there were any punches thrown.

As a kid, sure. Like Larry Mudd I too was either the smallest, or second smallest kid in my class every year (depending upon which class the other smallest guy was in). I rarely took shit from anybody and would stand up to kids even in older grades. As in The Who song, Dr. Jimmy: “I’ll take on anyone. Ain’t scared of a bloody nose.”

Eventually most of these jerks became friends as we started to respect one another.

I think I was in grade 7 or 8 last fight. What’s that 12 or 13 years old? Man that was like 30+ years ago now. I can’t imagine any circumstance that would make one adult actually punch another adult. We have police and courts for settling adult discrepancies.

7th grade did the whole “meet you in the alley after school” ordeal. Did it twice only, same kid. Made him cry both times in front of about 40 people. I didn’t hurt him though, just his pride.

9th grade walking home after school the ole random kid walks up and say’s “so I heard you been talking shit”… I didn’t know who the hell this guy was. Next thing I know I’m surrounded and take a hit to the back of the neck and went to the ground. I don’t remember anything other than waking up and walking away with nothing but a chipped tooth (which is still chipped to always remind me of that day)… no pain AT ALL… never understood that… maybe they injected me with some anesthetic or something…

9th grade exchanged a few punches with a kid. 2 from him 2 from me. He started, I finished. He ended up with his noggin pretty sore the rest of the day.

Nothing since then… I try to keep out of trouble.

I used to get in fights on a weekly basis in elementary and junior high school, some I won, some were draws, and on some days I got my ass kicked. My father taught me as a kid that if someone said something verbally towards you, you ignored it, but once they laid a hand on you, it’s game on.

I was on the wrestling team in High School and there were three incidents where some “tough guys” tried something with me, by then I matured to the point where I learned violence wasnt the answer, and fortunately for all involved, they were given the hint that in a fight, they had about a 50/50 chance, so that was that. I’m not the toughest guy in the world, but I think the message they got was if they wanted a fight, it wasnt going to be against a punching bag, either, and that doesnt really suit well with bullies.

Right out of college, at a party my roomates were hosting, this well known barfighting guy decided he wanted to horse around and start wrestling people. We were all drunk, so on a lark I took him on, and we were having fun locking up, we finally let go, and jokingly, I took a steel chair and threatened him with it, pretending I was a pro wrestler.

This stupid fucking moron freaks out, and starts ramming me repeatedly into a wall, yelling at me “you never pull a chair on me”. His friends jumped on him, and pulled him off me, and were all acting apologetic like “he didn’t mean it, he didnt mean it” and I just stood there laughing at this guy, because he rammed me into the wall three times and didnt even hurt me. He quickly left when it was apparent to him everyone at the party thought he was a total ass.

Never had any real problems since then, except one incident 10 years ago where a dude got hotheaded and tried to start a physical confrontation, but cooler heads prevailed, he apologized for losing his temper, and we shook hands.

Fighting is never the answer. If you are lucky, and do clean someones clock, if they dont find a way to get back at you ----you risk arrest and long jail sentance, a lawsuit, or physically ruining someones physical well being for the rest of their lives over something that probably wasnt a big deal to begin with. Worst case scenario, you could get killed, maimed, or crippled or otherwise disabled for life. Friendliness and diplomacy I find are the best ways ways to win a fight. Most people that are willing to fight you have little to lose, and are lifes losers. I have too much to lose by getting into a fight because I am successful in life.

There was a girl–basically the school bully-- who wanted to fight me because she was angry at me when I had won Artist of the Week and she hadn’t. She threatened me and my sister all the way home, but I just told my sister to be brave. We acted like we didn’t care and nothing happened. (Okay, that’s not really a fight, but it was sort of a stand down.)

A kid punched me in the chest in elementary school but I had a roll of quarters in my pocket and he hurt his hand :smiley:

I got into a fight once with my stepdad while he was driving in a huge rainstorm, but it was a very girlie (sorry Xena!) fight. I ended up scratching his face and he ended up pulling my hair. Luckily it ended before we could get into an accident.

Not counting play wrestling, tickle fights, and pillow fights, and erotic rough housing.

I used to drink a lot in some very low-life bars where fights were pretty common. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, when I was drinking I used to think I could kick anyone’s ass. The truth was, anyone could kick mine.

I’ve never been in any real fights.

I used to have a job with teenagers which required restraint occasionally. That was a lot like a fight int hat one 1/2 was usually pretty violent by that point. My job though was, however, to avoid blows and restrain- no actual ass kicking in return.

The closest I’ve come to fighting since I became an adult were both playing softball. To be honest- I don’t remember the situation surrounding the first one- but I was the umpire and the one guy just blew his gasket. I really wish I remember the circumstances, but I know the other umpire had to come pull him back.

The second time- I was in the dugout, we were up to bat. My buddy (coincidentally- the other umpire in the first story) hit a double and as he was going into 2nd- realized the throw from the outfield was head high and coming towards him. So he brought his arms up to protect his head at the same time the SS went for the ball and ended up getting an accidental elbow to the head.

Well the SS lost it. My friend went to apologize and see if he was OK, and the SS shoved my friend to the ground and yelled, “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HITTING ME! YOU HIT ME IN THE TEMPLE YOU ASSHOLE!” Without really thinking I booked it out to second base. I was relatively certain I was about to brawl with this guy. By the time i got there though, the second basemen and pitcher were there pulling this guy back. I got between he and my friend in case he broke through.

I would kind of like to get into a fight. I’ve actually considered joining a local boxing gym, or taking a boxing class at the local CC, but don’t have the cash at the moment.

I got beaten up quite badly outside a pub once over an insult someone else had made.

I’ve never thrown a punch in anger though.

I’ve been threatened a number of times over the years, and beaten-up when young, but I’ve never fought anyone. I have big, intimidating friends who always seem to be around when someone decides they want to fight me. (Which still happens once or twice a year – I thought I’d left it behind when I became an adult, but have been shown time and time again that testosterone can rage just as much at work, university, or a dance club as much as it could in high school.)

Not really a fight per se, but there was that time when my ten year old brother and his six friends declared war on me. It’s very exhausting to pick up seven kids and repeatedly throw them… gently.

I spent most of my childhood living in a trailer park full of frighteningly dysfunctional people. One of them was this girl who was several years older than me–I was in 6th grade and she was in 9th. We had to wait together at the bus stop. She was a histrionic and bitchy intellectual lightweight. I never did anything mean to her, she just hated my superior attitude (I was an arrogant little snot when I was a kid, and on top of it I was a religious zealot.) I was kind of a big girl for my age (I looked maybe 14 or 15 when I was 11), so physically we were equals.

I was not a violent person by nature, but one day she came to my house looking for a fight. She brought all her boyfriends, who were also terrible bullies. I had unusual parents–they believed it was in my best interest to fight this girl so that she would stop making my life miserable. So they were actually supervising this whole fiasco and set up lawn chairs in our front yard (I remember the outrage about that woman who drove her daughter to a fight–could totally see my parents doing that.)

So it was me vs. her and these three guys apparently just there to watch the fun. I was a regular participant in martial arts at the time and didn’t find her all that physically intimidating, so when she reached out and shoved me I instinctively shoved her right back. She punched me hard on the mouth and I nailed her between the legs with a tae kwon do front kick.

I remember being absolutely astonished at how painful it was to be punched in the face. I actually looked at her in surprise and said, ‘‘That hurt!’’ It was a very cerebral reaction–as I said, I’m not into violence at all.

Then I realized I didn’t particularly want to fight her, I just wanted her to leave me the fuck alone. I told her I wasn’t interested and walked calmly into my house. She limped home.

The next day she told everyone on the school bus that she had kicked my ass. :rolleyes: But she did stop messing with me.

Years later, I was standing outside our high school waiting for my ride and I saw her standing there. She was fairly friendly to me and we made conversation for a while. She then proceeded to crawl into a convertible and start making out with a man who had to be at least 45.

I just felt pity, really.

My first and only physical fight.