Have you ever been naked in your office?

From the waist up, often. When I was breastfeeding, I pumped in my office, four times a day. Usually, I just opened my shirt or pulled it up, but while I was still getting the hang of it, I did have to take it off completely a couple of times.

From the waist down, once. Never you mind.

But all at once? Not that I can recall, no.

Buck naked, multiple times. And not just to change my clothes or clean up.

Do tell!

Amateurs …

I’ve been naked in my cubicle!

(We had a power outage at work, and I couldn’t bear going into the dark washroom to change into my walking-home clothes - and yes, I even changed underwear. But to be honest, there wasn’t another person within 40 feet - my area of the building was very sparsely populated)

and I wasn’t alone.

Although I’ve changed at work, it was always in a locker room, shower room, or bathroom. Even when I’ve had an office, it’s either shared or has a glass window. Often I’ve only hsad a cubicle. So I’ve never changed in an office.

Sex with my wife once at the office. I don’t think I was really “naked” at the time. probably had my shirt on, and maybe socks.

No, but not for a lack of trying.

I’m naked right now!

An interesting question would be “Have you been naked in someone else’s office other than for a medical exam/procedure?”

I’ve been naked in the office fitness center showers and locker room, does that count? There were multiple businesses in the building, the fitness center was in the basement, so aside from being in the same building I suppose I was technically not in the office (i.e., the office suite) anymore. My office suite was several floors up. Although I did run into co-workers in the locker room on a semi-regular basis. It wasn’t any weirder than any other locker room (for me, anyway, dunno if my co-workers felt the same).

(Didn’t vote, didn’t know if you’d consider this Yes, No, or Other.)

I haven’t, but my co-worker was when I gave her a hot oil massage on the floor (she was on a beach towel).

Yes, and I still have the pictures somewhere (my wife and I thought it would be something fun on a Saturday).

I’ve had sex with my girlfriend in my office more than once, but I’m not going to write something that will sound like a Penthouse Adviser entry.

Is sex in the office really that uncommon?

Sex in the office is common enough, I’m sure. But I am not sure how many people get completely naked for office sex.

No. My office has glass walls.

I sleep here sometimes and even keep an air mattress, sheets, blankets and pillows on hand. I would probably keep a set of PJs as well but I never wear them. Why not be as comfortable as possible? It does help if you are more or less the boss.

I will add this much titillation though, the first time she wasn’t my girlfriend and yeah, we just removed enough.

Only in my nightmares.

Yes, but I was telecommuting at the time.

Once, after the Comic-Con, and on a Sunday, when I was the only one in the entire building… I wore a “Daredevil” superhero outfit to work.