Have you ever been naked in your office?

On Monday, as I was changing from my work clothes to my bike clothes for my commute home at the end of the day, I thought, as I stood there nekkid as the day I was born, “Gee, I’m really glad I have an office with a door that locks. My colleagues would be, too, if they knew what the door is concealing at the moment.”

I also thought, “I wonder if office nekkid-ness is a common occurrence?” Who better to ask then you guys?

The poll is quite simple. Feel free to add as much detail as you want in the thread.

I’ve changed in the office before, but never my underpants, I don’t think. And if I’d had to, I would of course have used the junior high gym class trick of changing one half of the body fully before moving to the other half, just in case.


Never nekkid, but down to my skivvies many times to change clothes for various reasons, usually athletic related.

ETA: Two of the three floors of my building have showers in the respective restrooms.

Does down to the skivvies count?

Many times. Many. But there was a short time when I was going through a divorce that I lived at my office, so there’s that.


He doth protest too much!!

Never had an office, so…

Does the workplace count? 'cause I could probably remember a couple of those.

We have a locker room so no need to get naked in any of the offices.

Well, I have changed from work clothes to casual clothes in the office restroom (the big handicapped stall) but I don’t have an office with a door that closes. I’ve never been naked in my cubicle, that’s for sure.

I say no, it doesn’t. The fact that I was buck naked, not just down to my skivvies, was what prompted me to ask.

We have lockers/showers, too. But at the end of the day, it’s quicker just to change in my office.

Last time I checked, most offices have restrooms with private stalls. So no.

I’ve never been naked in the stalls either. No reason to be.

When I had an office with a door, my girlfriend at the time and I were quite happy it had a lock, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Not my current one, but in the past. Recreationally, so to speak.

Unfortunately, yes, one of the few times my cycle wasn’t regular as a clock occurred while at work. I had DH bring me clean clothes and changed in my office.

Never fully naked but down to underwear. I used to sometimes change in or out of my uniform in our locker room.

I canoe and kayak after work, so I change into my paddling togs at work. Mine is a private inner office behind a private outer office, so no one is going to interrupt me when I change.

Yeah, I had to go up on the roof to take a look at a condenser unit that was acting up (in my role as Facilities Manager.) This outraged a seagull who had nestlings on top of another condenser. On one of its repeated dives at me, it dropped a bomb in my hair. Shower, no towel, naked until I could comfortably put my clothes back on.

Stripped to the waist, and I’m a woman, so it’s a little more significant than with a guy. I had to perform an EKG on myself for certification for a study, and the instructions specified that a woman patient’s bra had to be removed. Not only did I lock the door, I put up a “do not disturb, testing in progress” sign.

To be precise, the performance of the EKG was what I was being certified on, not the results - they wanted to know I could perform one, rather than being concerned about whether I had a normal EKG. :stuck_out_tongue: (And I did!)

I haven’t, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. We have a shower, and a number of people use it after going for a run at lunch, biking to work, etc. If I ever got off my lazy butt enough to follow suit, then I could change my answer.